Manotick, ONのAV・ホームオートメーションの専門家 24件

Manotick, ONのAV・ホームオートメーションの専門家 24件の注目レビュー

Lucent Controls
Manotick, ONのAV・ホームオートメーションの専門家 24件
“Russell King installed our Lutron lighting system, electronic blinds and audio visual system. He is a delight to deal with and worked diligently to install the three complex systems that work excellently.”
Lauzon Sound & Automation
Manotick, ONのAV・ホームオートメーションの専門家 24件
“The best service, attention to detail, quality of workmanship and follow up. Always on time. On budget and always available.”
TEK-AV Contracting
Manotick, ONのAV・ホームオートメーションの専門家 24件
“What can I say other than he is the best in the business. Incredibly professional and polite and his work is amazing. Pricing is very reasonable. I would highly recommend Keith for all your AV needs!”
AV Expert
Manotick, ONのAV・ホームオートメーションの専門家 24件
“This guy is a real person with real experience and very fair considerate pricing. He always finds solutions for problems and seems like he can do anything. He does the job quickly and very well. I keep finding things for him to do and I don't want or need to call anyone one else. AV expert is great company that I would recommend to anyone!!”
Manotick, ONのAV・ホームオートメーションの専門家 24件
“Domoticka installed all the wiring, controls, cameras, TV's and home entertainment system for our new " Smart Home" The technicians were professional and very knowledgeable. The system has delivered exactly what was promised. Follow up has been handled promptly and efficiently. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to my friends”