Manotick, ONの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 25件

Manotick, ONの照明専門店・照明デザイナーをお探しですか? 「照明で空間をデザインする」という考えが浸透してきた昨今、おしゃれな照明をショールームで見て検討したり、照明専門店で選んだり、照明デザイナーにスタイリングしてもらいたいと思う人も多いのではないでしょうか。 もっと見る

Manotick, ONの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 25件の注目レビュー

Living Lighting Ottawa
Manotick, ONの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 25件
“We have been consistently contracted by Living Lighting Ottawa customers to install their light fixtures over the past 5 years. Their products are of excellent quality and their customer service is astonishing. It is always a pleasure conducting business with each of the 3 Living Lighting locations here in Ottawa. Electric Mark”
Arevco Lighting
Manotick, ONの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 25件
“We needed competent advice as we were seeking intriguing and artistic lighting solutions for our home. The existing fixtures were functional but uninteresting. The owners and the staff at Arevco were a delight to deal with and provided us with unusual and elegant options of high quality. Throughout our home we now have inspired lighting that we enjoy immensely. Our friends frequently comment on the beautiful sculptural designs. Arevco lives up to the motto we saw on their window ... 'where art meets function' ! The value added to our home is considerable relative to the cost.”
Marchand Lighting and Electrical
Manotick, ONの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 25件
“Veronica is a lighting designer with Marchand, and with her expertise, suggest amazing complimentary light fixtures for our kitchen that created the WOW factor. Kim & Bert,,Ottawa.”