Manotick, ONのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 424件

Manotick, ONのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーターをお探しですか?ただ住宅の家具を選ぶだけでなく、空間をデザインし、暮らしに彩をそえてくれるのがインテリアコーディネーターやインテリアデザイナー。ここでは、インテリアのプロの仕事内容や、仕事を依頼するときのコツなどをご紹介しています。リフォーム・リノベーションをお考えの方、必見の情報です。 もっと見る

Manotick, ONのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 424件の注目レビュー

Anna Riopelle Interiors
Manotick, ONのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 424件
“We had our kitchen redone and she helped to pick the counter and flooring. We had ideas for both but couldn't decide. Excellent choices. I feel like she saved us money in the end because what she code works very well.”
Interior Synergy
Manotick, ONのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 424件
“Lori was a very personable, likeable professional who came to my house to assist with decorating an organizing a home office. I was working from home and needed something that would function better and feel cheery and inspirational, and she gave me all of that and more. It was beautiful, went with my sense of style, and had tons of storage and easy access to the things I needed most. She was really respectful of my budget and came up with creative solutions I never would have bought of myself. I look forward to hiring her again when I have another project to do and would recommend her to anyone.”
Saree Parry Design - Decorating Den Interiors
Manotick, ONのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 424件
“Saree was delightful to work with. She designed window treatments for our living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom that we are extremely pleased to have. Saree's friendly, engaging personality made it easy for me to express my thoughts. She listened to my ideas and concerns and considered them in each of her design options. Saree was able to incorporate existing colours and designs in our home with the new treatments to the point that some of our artwork came alive. She was most professional and managed the installation of the treatments very well. My husband and I will definitely contact Saree for future home design projects.”
Total Home
Manotick, ONのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 424件
“Total Home has done several jobs for us over the years. From crown moulding, to built in custom shelves to our most recent project - a total makeover of our ensuite - which now has WOW appeal. Cindy Charbonneau helped me pick colours and select tile. With her partner, Gilbert Lutes, they planned the layout and those small details that make the difference. Gilbert co-ordinate the work of a couple of trades and completed the construction and tiling himself. We highly recommend them for your next project!”
MH Design and Co.
Manotick, ONのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 424件
“Have a brand new kitchen done. Looks exactly how I had viewed it in my mind. I did not have to do anything or worry about anything. All the details, between the designer, and the crew workers coordinated very well. Professional and respectful of my preferences. Would highly recommend.”
Interiors by Julie S.
Manotick, ONのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 424件
“Julie did an amazing job with the remodel of our beach motel, both the interior and exterior. When we bought the motel it was completely run down and not improved since the 1970’s. She had a vision and knew how to bring it to life. She took the time to hear our desires and incorporated them into her vision and was able to add different looks and flair to the decor of each of the 11 suites we have. Not only are we thrilled with the result both inside and outside but she was able to make it all happen within our budget.”
KALMONI Design & Decor
Manotick, ONのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 424件
“I loved working with Rana as she was able to turn my semi empty house into a home. Rana's attention to detail is fantastic and the ability to listen to me and direct me forward to buying the right furniture pieces was very much appreciated. I didn't know what I wanted but i knew what I didn't want. Rana took the time to understand my preferences and give me options within my target budget. I am thrilled with the results so far and it was a pleasure working with Rana!”
Maddie Clarke Interiors
Manotick, ONのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 424件
“Maddie recently helped us with our basement renovation. She listened to our wants, asked questions and then presented us with a beautiful, creative design. She picked paint the colours, flooring options, storage solutions and and really brought everything together at the end. Her constant presence onsite as a project manager made the entire experience really enjoyable. We couldn’t have done it on our own. Highly recommend!”
Dressing Rooms
Manotick, ONのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 424件
“I found Darlene to be very enthusiastic, perceptive and accommodative. Her dedication to the project resulted in a house I love to call my home. Flo Crosbie”
StyleHaus Interiors
Manotick, ONのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 424件
“StyleHaus were the designers on the construction of our new Tapas restaurant and Wine Bar in Hintonburg. They took the time to sit with us and listen to our concept and then provided an absolutely wonderful design of the space. They worked seamlessly with our contractor and were there for every situation that required attention all the way through the project up to the very end. From overall design, to lighting and all the way to the final touches and details they left no details untouched. We could not have found a better team to work with and continue to be thrilled with how our business continues to glow as a result of their work.”