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THERE IS BEAUTY IN BALANCE. It creates a natural connection and provides an intuitive sense of calm. It is an essential element of art and of life. When we are in tune with our surroundings, rooms feel like effortless extensions of ourselves. Memories, routines and aspirations are all in rhythm. Color, shape, texture, pattern and light are all in accord. When a space is well designed, it is well balanced. It strengthens us as much as it soothes us. Inspires us as much as it embraces us. And moves us as much as it gives us rest. It is a beautiful reflection of what makes us interesting and an eloquent expression of the life we live. Here, we are the most at home. We are the most at ease. Here, we find harmony. We believe the way a room feels is just as important as the way it looks. During the design process, we want our clients to experience the softness of a fabric, the plushness of a rug, and the texture of a wall covering. Every nuance is designed to stir emotion and express the lifestyle our clients want to live. The environments we create are contextual. They are often inspired by the home’s setting. Natural materials cultivate a warm atmosphere for life to unfold. From concept to completion, our process is reflective and restrained. We believe simplicity is one of the greatest forms of craftsmanship. A Peace Design interior is authentic and pure. WILLIAM PEACE William Peace is founder and principal of Peace Design. A visionary with a love of architecture, respect for form and function, and fascination with light, he’s committed to working collaboratively with clients, closely with his design team, and alongside with architects and builders to achieve the distinct and diverse environments for which the firm is known. Peace studied architecture, interior design, and fine arts at the University of Kentucky earning a BA in Interior Design.


Art Selection, Custom Furniture, Furniture Selection, Historic Building Conservation, Interior Design, Universal Design


Atlanta, Big Sky, Bozeman, Aspen, Jackson Hole, Telluride, Texas, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Sun Valley, Colorado, Northeast, South Florida, San Antonio, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Michigan, Florida, Massachusetts, Nashville, Oregon, Washington, Ohio


Multiple ASID Excellence Awards through both the National and Georgia Chapter ADAC Southeast Designer of the Year Mountain Living's Top Designers & Architects



プロジェクト 10件

アトランタにあるモダンスタイルのおしゃれなリビング (茶色い壁、濃色無垢フローリング、暖炉なし、茶色い床) の写真

Highrise Luxury

Atlanta, アメリカ
他の地域にあるモダンスタイルのおしゃれなリビング (カーペット敷き、グレーの床) の写真

Lookout Luxury

Chattanooga, アメリカ



Peace Design


+1 404-237-8681



349 Peachtree Hills Avenue NE C2
Atlanta, GA 30305


USD 2,000,000 - USD 30,000,000


フォロワー 1,857人



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