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EFFEKT is a Danish architectural office based in Copenhagen operating within the fields of modern architecture and visionary urban planning and research. The company was established in 2007 and currently employs 25 full time staff under the creative direction of the two Partners Tue Hesselberg Foged and Sinus Lynge. Conducting assignments at a great variety of scales, we excel in the integration of the built environment into the social fabric of the city. We combine an exploratory approach with thorough research, analysis and professional accountability. At the same time we work enthusiastically, creatively and curiously because we believe that this approach is essential to the development of great design solutions for a world in constant change. We believe that deep analysis and a clearly defined approach are integral parts of a successful design, because asking the right questions is part of finding the right answer. We continuously enter into strategic collaborations with experts in various professional fields to secure a precise execution of the assignment in question and to identify and develop the hidden potentials - from the initial analysis to the realization of projects. Our projects always originate from an initial analysis and determination of the preconditions and core values, in order to maximize value for clients, end-users and society as a whole. As part of the new generation of Danish architects revitalizing the nordic tradition, EFFEKT has in recent years distinguished themselves on both the national and international scene through highly profiled projects, exhibitions and publications. EFFEKT has received numerous awards and won several Danish as well as international competitions ranging in fields of architecture, planning and landscape projects.


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