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Arcways, Inc.
Conroe, TXの住宅関連の専門家 109人
“I'm the homeowner of a custom home in Colorado, and contacted Arcways after reviewing a number of boring staircase options from my builder and visiting with several local custom staircase companies. I am absolutely thrilled with our Arcways staircase and highly recommend the company to anyone that is looking for a custom, high quality, dramatic and beautiful staircase. Although our home isn't finished yet, everyone that visits immediately comments on Arcway's attractive design and artistic work. Arcways helped transform our existing, fixed open stair well from rectangular to elliptical. I was impressed that Arcways could design within those confines and able to construct a continuous elliptical stair from the lower level to 2nd floor - creating enormous drama. The beauty of our Arcways stacked elliptical & curved stairway is the contiguously uninterrupted flow - from floor to floor. Even the outside of the rectangular well opening was transformed into a curvature that eliminated all the corners and abrupt direction changes. Arcway's CEO, Tom Stilp, was personally involved from the beginning and ensured that Arcways designed, delivered, and installed our dream staircase. I am a very demanding customer, and Tom was a step ahead of me at all times. He also provided helpful design ideas and suggestions. In our situation, Arcways' CAD design and integrated robotics helped deliver stairways and handrails that could never be built onsite. Our design includes a single walnut handrail (no goose-necks) that flows from the 2nd story balcony continuously to the lower level. All of the Arcways employees were a pleasure to work with. The company is focused on custom staircases only, and does it extremely well. I am amazed that more custom home owners don't consider Arcways, since the design and quality of a factory built custom staircase is far better than on-site options and the cost is the same or less. The project was delivered on time, within budget, and the company has been professional and helpful every step of the way. I highly recommend Arcways! I'll post photos as soon as the home is finished.”
IronWood Connection
Conroe, TXの住宅関連の専門家 109人
“I have been in the stair industry for years. I usually order parts online, but i came across Ironwood and thought I would give them a try. I ordered about 40 balusters from their Tuscan square series. I was so impressed when I received the parts. I did not expect them to be such high quality. Overall, I'm really glad I found them, and I will definitely order again.”
Captive Aquatic Ecosystems
Conroe, TXの住宅関連の専門家 109人
“I visited with Ben a few years ago when we were building our house to set up a 200+ gallon salt water tank. We decided to go with Ben because of his knowledge and his passion of marine life. Ben has done weekly maintenance for us since he got it all set up and has brought our tank to a beautiful and thriving seascape. It is very well established now and we love the coral and fish and the tranquility it lends. Ben has done a great job for us!”
Lifestyle Interiors, LLC
Conroe, TXの住宅関連の専門家 109人
“Lisa from Lifestyle Interiors is wonderful to work with! She is amazingly professional and knowledgable! She did several projects for us from a grand custom-lighted framed mirror surround for the master bath to designing amazing built-in units for our living room and study as well as a fantastically functional media room wet bar. She also helped us pick our selections for the design of our new home, and provided interior design advice, and shopping assistance for choosing furnishings and color schemes. She is my "go to" person whenever I have any home design needs! Truly talented and can hand draw a custom furniture piece or built in to your exact specifications, and she always adds things that are truly unique and functional that you never thought of!”
Trash Monkey Dumpster Rentals
Conroe, TXの住宅関連の専門家 109人
“The Trash Monkey Dumpster was such a great idea for us while we were remodeling our kitchen. The service that they provided was top notch. Thanks a lot for your quick and reliable services. This is a great find!”
STA Services
Conroe, TXの住宅関連の専門家 109人
“Shaun is a delightful, respectful and responsible young man. He has completed many small projects for us, competently, quickly and cheerfully.”