Conroe, TXのカーペット・畳・床材の専門店 37件

Conroe, TXのカーペット・畳・床材の専門店をお探しですか? 床材と言っても、フローリングをはじめとしてタイルやリノリウム、その上に敷くカーペットやラグ、絨毯といった敷物など、多彩なオプションがあります。そして、日本ならではの床材といえば、畳。世界的な日本ブームの中、畳職人が手掛ける昔ながらの 1畳単位のたたみ以外にも、気軽に畳コーナーを作ることができる置き畳や琉球畳、サイズの異なったものからさまざまな色合いのものまで、モダンでおしゃれなオプションが増えています。 もっと見る

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Viking Carpet One
Conroe, TXのカーペット・畳・床材の専門店 37件
Viking Floors has outstanding customer service especially when issues arrive and you need it the most! We were always given prompt and precise answers to our questions as our projects moved forward. The coordination between all installers (carpet, tile and hardwoods) was great and all installers were accomadating to our family needs (as I stay home with our young children). Truly a one stop shop for all your flooring needs!
Stylish Carpets
Conroe, TXのカーペット・畳・床材の専門店 37件
You will not be disappointed. I travelled 50 miles to work with Marion because she goes beyond what is expected to make customers happy. She provide flooring for my custom home and I used her again for an addition.
Color Interiors
Conroe, TXのカーペット・畳・床材の専門店 37件
The company I worked for used Color Interiors. They were always reliable and did a very professional installation. Prices were competitive and customer service was always first rate.
Floors For Living
Conroe, TXのカーペット・畳・床材の専門店 37件
I am a retired Music Producer\Arranger.. My Dad and Mom asked that my wife and I return home, back here to Texas from California. Dad had a vision to begin a new business and they needed us to be part of the team to get it started. So back we came to help start a new Internet Service Provider company called Everyone's Internet. EV1.NET. Our new Texas home needed all tile floors instead of carpet. I researched and discovered Floors for Living. They removed the carpets and installed a beautiful tile floor throughout the home. The company we chose was Floors for Living. Since completion, we are quite happy with our new flooring. My 2 Gold Record Album awards and 1 Platinum Record Album award as well as the 6 Grammy Nomination certifications look so good with the stunning new tile flooring installed by Floors for Living. We are happy to recommend them to any who want a tile floor affect.