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Expo Heating & Cooling Inc.
Conroe, TXの冷暖房・空調設備会社
Jubran Twal (Joe) came in response to an Angie's List special and tested and cleaned our AC unit, which was having problems. He diagnosed the "squirrel cage" problems and gave us an estimate for repairs and equipment. He came back about a week later with the parts, and did not charge us $75 for one of them, as he was able to use the one already in the system, contrary to directions/specs on the replacement part. The system is working beautifully well in our 100-degree heat, and we did not have to replace the whole system as we were told a year ago! Love this firm!
Sahara Air Inc
Conroe, TXの冷暖房・空調設備会社
Tim, his crew, and Sahara Air overall are fantastic. Professional, great customer service, and fair pricing will keep me coming back
Doyleth Air Conditioning & Heating
Conroe, TXの冷暖房・空調設備会社
We searched through multiple Air-conditioning companies to find one that was honest, reliable, knowledgeable.... the whole package. This company truly has everything that you’re looking for. They are up front and honest about what any issues are and the best way to work through new things. We had Doyleth come out to one of our remodel jobs when three other companies gave us uncomfortable feelings after looking at the project. The solutions those companies gave us we knew were not the way to go. But we expected them as an AC company to know. I then spoke with Jonathan from Doyleth and he understood exactly what needed to be looked at over the phone. The very next morning his technicians Edwin and Gerson came out ON TIME, and not only had a great solution, but provided us with the explanation of why the other solutions would not work. And Jonathan called to ensure we understood everything and follow up. After that job, we immediately had them come look at our personal system to explain what was going on. And once again, everything they said rang true. The pricing was fair and the job was well done. We are excited because we have found a true reputable AC company that we can use on our projects and recommend to our clients! Thank you Jonathon, Edwin, and Gerson for the first two jobs very well done!!!!
Integrity Comfort Solutions
Conroe, TXの冷暖房・空調設備会社
The technician came out to my home and was very respectful and informative. He repaired my unit very quickly and the price was very affordable. I would recommend this company to any one.
Hal Watson Air Conditioning & Heating Co
Conroe, TXの冷暖房・空調設備会社
Hal Watson is efficient, and timely.service technicians kept me appraised of everything they found and then fixed or replaced. When my old units went out, they worked with me on a payment plan that worked. This organization is A + In my book and the first company I recommend for AC and heating.
Happy Air
Conroe, TXの冷暖房・空調設備会社
I am exceedingly pleased with the work that Justin and his Happy Air staff performed on my home air conditioning during a recent bedroom addition. As some background, we recently decided to turn a 2nd floor balcony into another room (an exercise room that technically, could be considered a bedroom addition). My general contractor, who I was also pleased with, brought in his HVAC contractor, who ran all the appropriate calculations and determined that our second floor A/C unit was undersized for the new addition. His solution was to replace our 3 ton unit with a new 4 ton unit, and the price estimate was over $10,000. I called in Justin with Happy Air for a second opinion. Justin ran the numbers and determined that our existing unit was adequate, but suggested we zone the upstairs to take advantage of the fact that the entire upstairs typically didn’t need to be cooled at the same time. We now have two thermostats upstairs that allow us to cool the bedrooms and/or the exercise room and operate the entire system much more efficiently (which, as an engineer, I was very impressed with). He also fixed some design problems with our existing system (put return ducts in the correct location, added ducts to the large game room and ducted the exercise room) and did all the work for a fraction of the first cost estimate. The system is also smart phone compatible, and I can now control the entire HVAC from my IPhone. This is really handy when I’m coming home to work out during my lunch hour, and can kick the system on before I get home. We’ve also had some very hot weather since the system was installed, and I can confidently share that my existing 3 ton unit is quite capable of cooling my new upstairs’ space, as Justin promised it would be. Again, I can not express how happy I was with Justin’s work, and will refer Happy Air to my friends, co-workers and neighbors. He saved me a lot of money and put in a better system than suggested by my general contractor. Again, it’s just another example of the value in getting a second estimate.