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Influent Home
Oakland, CAの家具屋・インテリアショップ 683件
Inspiring. I walked in one weekday afternoon and was moved by the beautiful pieces displayed throughout the store. The collection was well curated and the pricing was very reasonable given the excellent quality of the pieces. For anyone looking for unique pieces to accessorize a room, Influent Home is a must visit.
Oakland, CAの家具屋・インテリアショップ 683件
Juan is a diligent, thoughtful and creative professional with an aptitude for both technical constraints and aesthetics. You can trust that your project is in good hands when working with Juan.
Vorrath Woodworks
Oakland, CAの家具屋・インテリアショップ 683件
I went to Adam Vorrath because I wanted to get a friend who was turning 70 years old, a very special present to honor the length of our friendship, and her spectacular feat of becoming 70 years old, and being, well, for lack of a better word, spectacular. That is my friend Elsa. She has style, grace, panache, and a terrific sense of art and creation. And lucky me, I knew a spectacular artist named Adam Vorrath, an adventurer in wood in all of its possible forms and fabrications, one of the spectacular artists who graduated from the College of the Redwoods Advanced Woodworking program. So I asked him to do this. What happened was beyond what I realized would happen. From the simple request for a special table came an entire experience of sharing in the creation of a special object that spoke to the person it was made for. Adam and Elsa met at her house, and had a sit down chat, talking to each other, and talking about what Elsa liked. Adam saw the art that she has collected slowly over the years, from her native Denmark to New York, to San Francisco, and now Sausalito, and the two got to know each other, so that when Adam came away from the place where the table would reside, he had more than just a sense of the space, he had a sense of the person he was making the table for. Because of this, Elsa has a table that she tells me makes her smile every time she walks in her living room. She notices all of its details, the choices made by the artist and recalls their discussions and sees herself in what was made for her. It is this last thing that makes me say that one of the most wonderful and lasting and truly special thing that you can do for another person is to bring them into the process of the making of furniture as art as we did here. Because now whenever I am at Elsa’s house visiting an incredible sense of glee overcomes me seeing the table and knowing how much it has been loved and is loved, from start to present day and every day.
Eco Framing
Oakland, CAの家具屋・インテリアショップ 683件
Bennett Hall of EcoFraming did outstanding work for my California home. I live in London with some months in Paris yet wish that I could find as fine a framer in either city. I should submit photos of the framing he did for me.
Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom
Oakland, CAの家具屋・インテリアショップ 683件
I have received great service all the way through dealing with Dominic and his team. Everyone is always upbeat and professional and I'm looking forward to further interactions as my life goes on--I'm sure I'll need more sleep!
PMADF - Paul Mirocha Art Design Furniture
Oakland, CAの家具屋・インテリアショップ 683件
Paul Mirocha's work is amazing1 I commissioned Paul to make me a new desk last year. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted, so I let him just run with it. The finished product just blew me away. The craftsmanship, the aesthetic, the sheer beauty, everything. Every day I am thankful for the work that Paul did. if you hire Paul to create for you be prepared, because there is nothing like getting the best to make your furniture dreams a reality. http://pmadf.com/furniture/black-oak-desk.html
The Wood Knot Furniture
Oakland, CAの家具屋・インテリアショップ 683件
I bought 2 nightstands from them and I love it!! I'm already planning on buying more things from them and I highly recommend the wood knot! And Tatiana (the owner) was really sweet and helpful!!!
Jason Lees Design
Oakland, CAの家具屋・インテリアショップ 683件
We finally took the plunge and bought the Recess Coffee Table from Jason Lees Design and couldn't be happier! It's such a wonderful addition to our living room, providing the perfect balance of form and function. We like the fact that it feels like we are living with a piece of art that is totally functional! On a side note, Jason Lees helped us pick out the paint for our living room, which really ties our room together.
Aga John Rugs
Oakland, CAの家具屋・インテリアショップ 683件
Jerry Jacobs Design has ordered area rugs from Aga John for many years, both from the San Francisco showroom and the Los Angeles one. We are completing a home that has over 10 areas rugs from them. Their services have always been excellent formerly through Angela and then through Daniel, both excellent people now moved or retired. We actually are in the process of ordering again, and hope to do business with them for many years.
Oakland, CAの家具屋・インテリアショップ 683件
It is always a pleasure bringing my clients to DZINE. Their professionalism and service is unparalleled. They offer the best in Italian furnishings, plumbing and Kitchens Our houses always look their best when combined with DZINE Curt Cline Modern House Architects