Lotus, CAの寝具店・バスグッズ専門店 12件

Lotus, CAの寝具店・バスグッズ専門店をお探しですか? 何と言っても日本人はお風呂好き! 普段のお風呂の時間をスペシャルタイムにしましょう。Houzzでは最新バスグッズから、無機質な風呂場を彩る、インテリア性にすぐれたバスグッズのお店を探せます。 もっと見る

Lotus, CAの寝具店・バスグッズ専門店 12件の注目レビュー

TRAX Ceiling Shower Rods
Lotus, CAの寝具店・バスグッズ専門店 12件
I absolutely LOVE my Trax shower curtain. I personally have one in my home and it makes our small guest bathroom look so much larger! The height of the curtain draws your eye up and makes the ceilings seem taller than the standard height. I've had so many compliments on the design from friends and family!! As a real estate professional, I've had my investor clients who are flipping homes install the Trax shower curtain when listing and staging their homes for sale. The shower curtain is unlike anything on the market I've seen and adds that something extra to my listings - and makes the bathrooms look fabulous! I'd highly recommend the Trax shower curtain - you'll love it too!