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ポートランドにあるトラディショナルスタイルのおしゃれなホームオフィス・書斎 (造り付け机、白い壁、濃色無垢フローリング) の写真
The Works
The Works
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Sellwood Library House

This turn-of-the-century original Sellwood Library was transformed into an amazing Portland home for it's New York transplants. Custom woodworking and cabinetry transformed this room into a warm and functional workspace. Leaded glass windows and dark stained wood floors add to the eclectic mix of original craftsmanship and modern influences. Lincoln Barbour

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doubleelさんがアイテムをMud room With Small Deskに追加しました 4 日前

This would work too the shelves on the right side if we don’t have enuf room for a cupboard