North Parramatta, NSW, AUの窓・サッシの専門店 108件

North Parramatta, NSW, AUの窓・サッシの専門店をお探しですか? 住宅の中で窓には採光、換気、そして眺望といった、さまざまな役割があります。窓は室内と外部環境の接点であり、光、音、風などから外部の状況を知るための情報源にもなり得ますし、逆に外部の環境が家の中に入ってくる、まさしく窓口にもなり得ます。そのため、環境や目的に応じた窓を選ぶことが重要になってきます。サッシへ交換するのは、よくある窓リフォームの一例です。ぜひ実績と信頼のある窓・サッシの専門店を探してください。 もっと見る

North Parramatta, NSW, AUの窓・サッシの専門店 108件の注目レビュー

Wideline Windows & Doors
North Parramatta, NSW, AUの窓・サッシの専門店 108件
“The team at Wideline were professional and skilled. The quality of technical advice was spot on. and the quality of the paragon Aluminium window was excellent. Wideline also installed our windows in difficult circumstances and nothing was a problem for them. Of course, like every build, not everything ran smoothly, (after-all it was a renovation in an offshore community - no vehicles, everything had to be barged in) however to their credit they handled it quickly and with the minimum of fuss. (which is what you want when things don't go as planned) The work was completed to a very high standard. The windows look stunning. I would certainly use them again and they have my recommendation.”
North Parramatta, NSW, AUの窓・サッシの専門店 108件
“I have worked with Windoor and can say without reservation they are first class, absolutely. They handle both small and amazingly large windows and doors with equal elegance and splendour. I've not seen a 9 metre slider done in timber with such neat fits, such precise joints as done by Ian and his crew. I've seen huge, solid, unyielding wood doors with iron bolts and hinges that would make a medieval king weep tears of joy and security.. things that look appropriate to period, things that look right. Things you wouldn't think of, either in the square or out of it. I would brand them as artisans, uncompromising craftsmen of the highest quality. Well worth the investment in the right finishes that will last, with care, into antiquity.”
Victoria Colour Glass
North Parramatta, NSW, AUの窓・サッシの専門店 108件
“Found this business on houzz and installed our SilkyMatt White Splashback, looks great and so easy to clean, it's been half year now and the beauty of this splashback is it's easy to clean, and scratch free. We cook almost every day, this splashback can hold any types of cooking. When our friends came to our place, they were all amazed by the finish, look and feel of our kitchen.”
First class glass
North Parramatta, NSW, AUの窓・サッシの専門店 108件
“First Class Glass is excellent to deal with and is always on time and true to their word, I deal with them on a monthly basis as a local builder.”
North Parramatta, NSW, AUの窓・サッシの専門店 108件
“I cannot rate this company high enough. Always professional and delivered a great product on time. A big thank you to George who always answered my calls and nothing was ever a problem.”
Safetyline Jalousie
North Parramatta, NSW, AUの窓・サッシの専門店 108件
“Vergola has worked with Safetyline Jalousie on may projects combining the installation of our open and close roof systems and their louvre windows. We have always found the staff at Safetyline Jalousie to be responsive, friendly and highly professional at all times. The Safetyline Jalousie louvre window product is of high quality and we often recommend them to clients, builders and architects.”
Macquarie Joinery
North Parramatta, NSW, AUの窓・サッシの専門店 108件
“we had a very detailed build and wanted our doors to match the rest of the house. we also wanted them to built the old fashioned way . we were more than pleased with the results we got sams doors look great and he was easy to work with . recommend him to anyone who needs doors”
EuroGlazing Retrofit Double Glazing
North Parramatta, NSW, AUの窓・サッシの専門店 108件
“i think euro double glazing saved my marriage due to the fact we have now great sleep. the noise reduction is about 73% and it looks so cool the toughened 8mm frameless glass which they used. Great project”
Gerry's Glass
North Parramatta, NSW, AUの窓・サッシの専門店 108件
“As a supplier it is always a pleasure working directly with GG Bathroom Ware. We have had the pleasure to work with GG Bathroom Ware on commercial and residential projects. We highly recommend GG Bathroom Ware for all your bathroom and kitchen fittings/ fixtures.”