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Kroeck and Son’s Slate Roofing
Vineyard, CAの屋根・雨樋の専門家 67件
After exhaustive research, we found this wonderful craftsman, Ray Kroeck, to install the roof of our dream house. We interviewed 5 or 6 "slaters" in northern California, and found none (except Ray) who were not only knowledgeable about the craft, but also honest enough to give us a roof that would last a lifetime. Throughout repeated problems with not only the General Contractor, but also with the importer of the Chinese slate, Ray Kroeck represented us, the homeowner, in an attempt to get us our 300 year roof. His work is old school, he represents a pride of ownership in his work, and gives this lost art a shot at the future. Not sure what will happen when artists like Ray Kroeck are no longer available. We are looking to Ray for consultation and hopefully installation at an alpine compound we are developing near Tahoe. Think freeze thaw, snow loads, ice dams, etc. We would trust no one but Ray for such a task...
America's Advantage Remodeling
Vineyard, CAの屋根・雨樋の専門家 67件
This company is exactly what you want when hiring a home remodeler. They do things by the book, they are professional, detail oriented, they catch issues we hadn't, are creative problem solvers, nothing is too much, too little or too inconvenient for them. They are efficient, come prepared with everything they need for the job, if they run into the inevitable problems during a remodel, they think outside the box, and come up with great solutions. They are fast, clean, on target with their estimates, and a complete delight to work with. What we love about them is that they treat all their customers - big and small- with great respect. This is the kind of team you can leave your house keys and house pets with and be assured all will be well. So far they have worked on a bathroom with (what we were told by others) was a difficult plumbing situation, that would have required ripping out walls and newly installed tiles. Not so for this team. "Under the covers" the plumbing job they did is a precise, text-book work of art by itself. The bathroom install is pristine. We continue to work with this company on our other house projects!
ACS Roofing
Vineyard, CAの屋根・雨樋の専門家 67件
My wife and I just bought a house to use as a rental. We like everything about it but it needed some TLC. Being that the house is 30 years old, there were some things to repalce and the roof was one of them. ACS Roofing helped us through the whole process from start to finish and even after they were done. They are very friendly people who really are interested in your welfare. The roof was put up in a timely period. I would refer them to anyone. Joe Patrocinio
Yancey Home Improvements
Vineyard, CAの屋根・雨樋の専門家 67件
They did a great job. Looks better than the others in the nieghborhood. Fixed what needed to be and came out to redo a few things. Happy we went with them for sure!
Avi's Discount Roofing
Vineyard, CAの屋根・雨樋の専門家 67件
Good communication. The crew arrived at scheduled time and completed the job on time at a very busy time of the year for roof repairs. The cost was very good.
Vineyard, CAの屋根・雨樋の専門家 67件
I had two roof leaks near the bathroom and atrium skylights. The first was a nail or screw hole that had been causing the leak (that leak was simple to fix). The second leak was due to a previous job by another roofer not laying the roofing material correctly. Steve redid the roofing material around the 7 foot skylight by lifting and redoing the surrounding area around it.......No more leaks! His response time was excellent and he showed me photos of BEFORE and AFTER repairs. His fees are very reasonable....and a very personable person to work with!
Roof Doctors Sacramento County
Vineyard, CAの屋根・雨樋の専門家 67件
They always show up on time and are very courteous. Can't beat their free inspection and quote and their rates are reasonable. We have used them several times and always had good experience each time.