Rosemont, CAの塗料店・壁紙専門店 30件

Rosemont, CAの塗料店・壁紙専門店 30件の注目レビュー

Cano Painting
Rosemont, CAの塗料店・壁紙専門店 30件
I am a property manager in Sacramento, CA. and we have been using Cano Painting for a number of years now for both interior and exterior painting jobs. Mike is professional, conscientious and courteous. He gets the job done right and on time. The final product always meets or exceeds our expectations and his prices are competitive. I highly recommend Mike Cano and Cano Painting .
Rosemont, CAの塗料店・壁紙専門店 30件
Stikwood provided material for wall coverings. The material is unique not only in its look, but saved valuable time and cost along the way. We used the Weathered wood product.
I M C Painting
Rosemont, CAの塗料店・壁紙専門店 30件
Always professional and courteous. Does an excellent job with providing you with an estimate and completes the work in a timely manner. Would highly recommend IMC Painting for interior painting. Worked with IMC for the past two years and have had NO complaints.