Lower Earley, Berkshire, UKの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 32件

Lower Earley, Berkshire, UKの照明専門店・照明デザイナーをお探しですか? 「照明で空間をデザインする」という考えが浸透してきた昨今、おしゃれな照明をショールームで見て検討したり、照明専門店で選んだり、照明デザイナーにスタイリングしてもらいたいと思う人も多いのではないでしょうか。 もっと見る

Lower Earley, Berkshire, UKの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 32件の注目レビュー

AVINU - Home Technology
Lower Earley, Berkshire, UKの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 32件
“Mike and Darrell did a first class job installing our internet Sky etc when we moved to Cookham. They were both very professional cheerful and humorous ( Darrell especially humorous ) . I would recommend them too anyone who wants any technology fitted or sorted . Superb.”
HOT design
Lower Earley, Berkshire, UKの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 32件
“I used Craig to design and install a funky lighting scheme to my hall and landing. I am very happy with the results. It always gets a comment from visitors and looks fanstastic both when inside, and when outside looking in”
Individual Furnishings
Lower Earley, Berkshire, UKの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 32件
“I ordered a bespoke lamp for my father in law. The lamp was beautifully made, and it was from a special wine bottle. Carolyn managed to turn a moment in time into a permanent memento in the home. For the man who has everything, this went down very well. I would absolutely recommend.”
Darklight Design Ltd
Lower Earley, Berkshire, UKの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 32件
“We have worked with Darklight Design on a number of projects. They are a very helpful and responsive company to work with. Darklight have worked with us to produce lighting schemes for clients homes in the past and we would not hesitate to work with them again.”
Tigermoth Lighting
Lower Earley, Berkshire, UKの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 32件
“Producing innovative and different lighting in a world full of extremely similar pieces, Tigermoth has always been held in high regard by our studio. We adore their chain mail lighting and were able to use it in a recently finished bedroom. The client couldn't have been happier”
Lower Earley, Berkshire, UKの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 32件
“I was working on a TV show and needed a large quantity of industrial looking lighting for a set in a very short amount of time. The lighting manufacturer was located in Great Britain and I thought it would be impossible to meet my deadline for shipment. Working with Ian and his team was a great process. The communication and constant updates made for a successful transaction. With all the limitations of time and distance ... the lights were delivered 1 day ahead of schedule and everyone loved the product. I look forward to working with TIC Lighting on another project! I would highly recommend to anyone looking for great customer service and great products.”
Edward Ray International Ltd
Lower Earley, Berkshire, UKの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 32件
“I have known Paul Rayner personally for many years now and I always receive first-class service from Edward Ray International. They have become my preferred supplier for Saros stretch fabric ceilings/ light box modules and linear LED profiles and will produce bespoke products without any 'special' pricing policy. Paul Felix, MSLL”