Laval, QCのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 1,159件

Laval, QCのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーターをお探しですか?ただ住宅の家具を選ぶだけでなく、空間をデザインし、暮らしに彩をそえてくれるのがインテリアコーディネーターやインテリアデザイナー。ここでは、インテリアのプロの仕事内容や、仕事を依頼するときのコツなどをご紹介しています。リフォーム・リノベーションをお考えの方、必見の情報です。 もっと見る

Laval, QCのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 1,159件の注目レビュー

Cadoret et al
Laval, QCのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 1,159件
“Richard was a pleasure to work with and the result was creative and outstanding. We asked for a design for the living room, dining room and entrance with raw, natural materials and a contemporary look. The space was a challenge as it was not very large and had odd angles. Richard delivered with his interpretation of "Modern Zen", juxtaposing concrete, stone, metal, leather and silk in colours of grey, black and tangerine. Richard's unique, custom-designed furniture helped make the most of the space and kept it feeling open and we really appreciated that he used local craftspeople to create the pieces. Only the light fixture and origami coffee table were pre-fab but they fit beautifully into the space. Richard was very conscious of the costs and ensured things came together on time and on budget. We couldn't have asked for more.”
Monique Castonguay Design
Laval, QCのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 1,159件
“Cet été Monique m'a aidé dans la rénovation de ma nouvelle cuisine et je n'ai que des bons commentaires à faire en ce qui concerne son professionalisme, son expérience et son soutient. A chaque fois qu'il y avait une décision à prendre elle me guidait avec respect et patience vers le bon choix des couleurs, des materiaux et des accessoires. Le résultat de nos rénovations est un rêve devenu réalité et je suis extrèmement fière de ma nouvelle cuisine. Merci Monique pour ta patience et tes bons conseils.”
Cuisines Nuenza
Laval, QCのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 1,159件
“Kitchen was totally redesign by making a wide opening in the wall between the family room and kitchen. We opted for a european laminate and glossy white finish for our cabinets and a quartz countertop. The final result gave a very modern contemporary look, still very functional and practical. Cuisines Nuenza provided an excellent professional team, always available to answer questions and showed a lot of flexibility and patience since we decided to make few changes during in our kitchen project . They came up with very competitive pricing and met all our deadlines. Overall, we were very satisfied with Cuisines Nuenza.”
Lipari Design Inc.
Laval, QCのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 1,159件
“I worked with Vanessa on a high end condo project called Aquablu. We provided designer interior doors and Vanessa was right on point regarding the style of doors she envisioned for the project. She articulated her ideas very eloquently. Simply a delight to work alongside.”
Hibou Design & Co.
Laval, QCのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 1,159件
“Eugenia is full of good ideas, very professional and friendly. She also listen to you and presents you with ideas on how to make your vision real!”
Tamra Rubin Design
Laval, QCのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 1,159件
“I love working with Tammy! I recently bought a new condo and Tammy helped design and decorate the entire place taking into account my style and budget. It looks great and she inspired to me add some bold colours which I love!”
Evolution Design
Laval, QCのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 1,159件
“I chose Isabelle and Grant to design my living room, dining room and front entrance. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a stylish, and sophisticated look while staying true to your personal tastes and needs. They came up with a design that understood my personality, and respected the functional needs of the space. They completed the project on time and within budget as well. I absolutely loved working with them!”
Carter Decor
Laval, QCのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 1,159件
“Amy at Carter Decor made the daunting process of refreshing a rather tired living room manageable and yes, even fun. I would highly recommend this family-run business.”
Nehama Nahari Design
Laval, QCのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 1,159件
“Nehama is a true professional, her designs are practical, well executed and of course, beautiful!! She follows each step of the project to ensure absolute perfection. I recommend her services!”
Renée Gordon Design
Laval, QCのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 1,159件
“A few years ago Renee co-ordinated and decorated our entire home. She worked with our Architect and general contractor and along the way presented us with great choices from everything to tiles, furniture, decor and more. What i found most important is she added value. She has ideas and a vision that takes you places that you end up really appreciating. For example, it's not just simply about the colour of the couch, but the shape that was best for the room and she took us to a manufacturer that made amazing quality product. This summer we renovated our backyard and Renee was completely responsible for how it came together. Didn't know she would work on the outdoor project but if you got it, you got it. At every step of the way, she made recommendations that got us to a finished product that we are thrilled with. Again added value. It turned out so much different and so much better than we would have hoped for. Could not have done it without her. Thanks Renee”