Milwaukee, WIの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 50人

Milwaukee, WIの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家をお探しですか? エアコンはその名の通り、室内の温度を調節する設備です。一方、空調設備は、温度や湿度の調整や空気の清浄など室内環境を整えるための建築設備で、「空気調和設備」を意味する英語「Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning」の頭文字をとって「HVAC(ヒーバック)」 と呼ばれることもあります。室内空間の快適性だけでなく、人々の健康や地球環境にまで影響を与える空調設備。エアコン取り付け、エアコン修理、管理などの工事は、信頼できる専門業者にお任せしたですよね。Houzz では、全国の冷暖房・空調設備の専門家の専門家を、事例写真やレビューと共にご紹介しています。戸建てやマンションのリフォーム・リノベーションをお考えの際は、Houzz で見つけた冷暖房・空調設備の専門家までお気軽にお問い合わせください。 もっと見る

Milwaukee, WIの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 50人の注目レビュー

Milwaukee, WIの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 50人
While remodeling out home and removing walls, the guys at Action Cooling and Heating removed and rerouted duct work in all walls to meet code. All installers were extremely knowledgeable and professional. I look forward to working with them on our next project.
Rozga Plumbing & Heating Corporation
Milwaukee, WIの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 50人
My first time using Rozga Plumbing. Called on a Monday for a minor bathroom faucet repair, technician came on Wednesday (per my request). He called on Wednesday and said he was running ahead could he come over in 30 minutes, I said, yes, I'm home. He arrived 30 minutes later. He diagnosed the problem, ceramic stem needed replacement. I told him to go ahead and replace both stems. Had them available in his vehicle. Total cost, service call, time, parts was $152.00. Matt was a nice guy and obviously knows his job. I will use Rozga again.
Capital Heating and Cooling
Milwaukee, WIの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 50人
Installed new HVAC in December, old furnace was failing. Great job, cost was competitive and install was smooth and quick, will recommend to others needing furnace work.
Metro Mechanical Corporation
Milwaukee, WIの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 50人
I have used this company several times to service and tune up our AC and furnace. They are fast, efficient, and very knowledgable. The prices are reasonable and they have great, friendly customer service.
Burkhardt Heating & Air Conditioning
Milwaukee, WIの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 50人
We have been using Burkhardt Heating & Air Conditioning for nearly 10 years now for our servicing needs. We were especially grateful for their prompt response during the polar vortex weather here in Wisconsin when our furnace broke down in -20 degree temperatures. Kurt, our wonderful service professional, was here within an hour of our call for service. An hour or 2 later Doug was here to go over our new furnace needs. Less than 24 hours later Jake and Tony were here to install our new furnace. We will continue to use Burkhardt Heating & Air Conditioning for all of our service needs.
Burant Heating & Air Conditioning LLC
Milwaukee, WIの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 50人
The Burant Heating and A C company have installed and serviced by two furnaces and air conditioner since installation. They are absolutely fabulous regarding my equipment and the service men know my house and have been coming for years to do the yearly tune ups and filter changing.
West Allis Hea
Milwaukee, WIの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 50人
We had a carbon monoxide emergency that we reported to another company. They came and checked us out, said everything was fine and that we likely had a backdraft event or a faulty carbon monoxide detector. Problem continued. We then called West Allis HVAC who came w/in two hours. When he arrived, his meter registered 3 times the safe limit and was already getting a headache from it and associated unburned gas. My wife and I had somewhat adjusted to the danger, but could have died in our sleep had the problem continued. A cracked heat exchanger was at fault. They shut down the furnace (40 years old), loaned us electric heaters to use until they could install a new furnace. We are elderly, on fixed income, so this was a real financial emergency. They arranged the financing for us and got us approved that same day. Can't say enough about their professionalism and skills.
Quality Heating & Sheet Metal Company, Inc.
Milwaukee, WIの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 50人
We highly recommend Greg's team. Quality Heating offers excellent service at fair prices. They're quick to respond and take very good care of any referrals we send them.
Roth Heating Co. Inc
Milwaukee, WIの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 50人
Amazing company! Tim Roth and his crew our complete professionals and have serviced my company well! I highly recommend them!