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Beverly Hills, CAのハウスクリーニング業者 556件の注目レビュー

Thomas Rug Cleaning Co. & Ararat Oriental Rugs
Beverly Hills, CAのハウスクリーニング業者 556件
“As someone who has restored homes, from a Frank Lloyd Wright to Wallace Neff, and worked with a clientele ranging from Madonna to Gwen Stefani, this is the ONLY place I use. In a world now dominated by machines, computers and inexpensive oversea labor...ARARAT RUG CLEANERS has been a family owned operation never veering from professional hand cleaning and most importantly, offering an expert restoration facility for rugs. Used by decorators and dealers to clean and restore all from an everyday favorite rug to museum quality carpets. I have used them exclusively for over 25 one else will do! Feel safe in knowing your cherished woven textile is in the best of hands, not machines!”
Sammy's Duct Cleaning
Beverly Hills, CAのハウスクリーニング業者 556件
“We do this cleaning service seasonally; make once every three or four times a year. A lot of people tell us it’s unnecessary to do it that frequently but I disagree Keeping my system clean has helped not only me but my wife kids and probably our pets also.”
Maple Air Duct Cleaning
Beverly Hills, CAのハウスクリーニング業者 556件
“These guys were GREAT - they very professional and prompt - they did exactly what they said they would and SUCKED OUT all of the dust, and other garbage from our vents - In fact, they also help us to see how well built our HVAC system really is - As they closed off all the ducts, to create suction and then begin to scrub and suck the dust from the entire system - Along the way they were EXTREMELY careful with our floors and carpet.”
424 Heating and Air
Beverly Hills, CAのハウスクリーニング業者 556件
“Excellent service. We use this company for servicing repair and cooling air system. The technicians were professional, courteous, careful and thorough.They schedule you as quickly and punctual. My experience with this company very positive.”
Air Duct Cleaning LA
Beverly Hills, CAのハウスクリーニング業者 556件
“Adam did an amazing job! Cleaned my dryer duct out and solved my problem. Even vacuumed up my messy washer dryer area! This guy was the best give him a raise. We highly recommend this company based on Adam's high professional friendly and knowledgeable service! Thank you Adam! Also very reasonable price.”
Air Duct Cleaners Los Angeles
Beverly Hills, CAのハウスクリーニング業者 556件
“Great experience with Air Duct Cleaners. They showed me how my ducts looked afterwards, and they were spotless. They really took their time as well to make sure that everything was cleaned and were extremely professional. We will definitely use them again in the future.”
Green Air Duct Cleaning
Beverly Hills, CAのハウスクリーニング業者 556件
“Adam did an amazing job. Cleaned my dryer duct out and solved my problem. Even vacuumed up my messy washer dryer area. This guy was the best give him a raise. I highly recommend Green Air Duct Cleaning company based on their high professional friendly and knowledgeable service! Thank you Green Air Duct Cleaning and crew. Highly recommended.”
Hollywood Pure Air Duct Cleaning
Beverly Hills, CAのハウスクリーニング業者 556件
“Our Tech, Louis is very professional, thorough, and makes sure all details of the project is done correctly. Which promotes full trust that his work is done to the best and with the care and intent to do a great job for the client.”
Cleaner Job
Beverly Hills, CAのハウスクリーニング業者 556件
“I called this company because they are located in my area and found a gem. I needed window glass cleaning in on of my clients house. Before the start, they scanned the glass and notified my on some scratches that were made prior. Also, I had an important conference call during the service and they were very quite and patient about it. The windows and frames turned out very clean. Moving forward they are not go-to cleaning pros”
Sunset Dryer Vent Cleaning
Beverly Hills, CAのハウスクリーニング業者 556件
“GREAT EXPERIENCE! I received a call in the morning to confirm their arrival time. They were punctual and on time per the appointment. They communicated well, explaining what they were going to do and clearly showed the current and cleaned condition of my ducts.”