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East Los Angeles, CAのホームシアター・オートメーションの専門家 292件の注目レビュー

Magnolia Design Center - In Home Division
East Los Angeles, CAのホームシアター・オートメーションの専門家 292件
“I have been a customer of Magnolia for over 5 years. Originally I went there to buy a Smart TV as I needed one, as my old one was not. Ethan Davis helped me. I asked him a lot of questions because I wanted a TV that would last and not have to be upgraded every 5 years with all the bells and whistles. Also, my hearing is slightly impaired and I wear hearing aids so I wanted a TV that had a good sound system. Ethan found the perfect TV for me that fit all my needs and was reasonably priced. But why I remembered him was because after i bought the TV and he had already received his commission, I had all sorts of questions and called him for the next three months or so when ever I didn't understand something. He took every call and treated me with respect, patience and kindness. I never felt like I was bothering him (though I'm sure I was). He was a man that genuinely loved his job and liked helping people and took pride in his work. So five years later, when I was having a streaming problem I went back to Magnolia thinking I had to buy another TV and upgrade again. I was pleased that he was still there and he remembered me. He told me that before I buy a new TV for my living room, he wanted to come out to my place to give me a free consultation to see what my best options were. Again, he spent all kinds of time with me, showed me what I needed, and supervised the entire process which was involved. My condo is situated in such a way, that the wiring required a new system in order for me to stream the channels I like and movies on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. It was a very involved ordeal and he supervised and managed everything for me. He knew it was over my head, and he made it so easy for me. Ethan Davis is one man that makes sure when you purchase a product from him, you are completely happy with your purchase and he is not satisfied until you are. He cares and he is also very talented and knowledgeable about the products he sells. Ethan is a great representative for Magnolia and they are lucky to have him. It's a great company and a pleasure to do business with thanks to people like Ethan.”
Global Wave Integration
East Los Angeles, CAのホームシアター・オートメーションの専門家 292件
“With more and more of today's home audio, video, and automation being internet driven, it requires a company that has the latest knowledge in internet networking and programming of home processors and switches. Global Wave excels in this and all other fields related. Our client had an existing home system that was unpredictable with "lock ups" and a home AV processor that was very unstable. After contacting Global Wave, they came, rolled up their sleeves, and got to work starting with improving the homes internet infrastructure, then continued on to the homes processor. After resolving a kaleidoscope of problems I can definitely say we could not have found a better company to work with than Global Wave Integration.”
East Los Angeles, CAのホームシアター・オートメーションの専門家 292件
“Michael Fehmers is WONDERFUl...so easy to work with. He is readily available to provide excellent customer service, before, during and after installation. I wouldn't hire anyone else!”
NuHome Tech, Inc.
East Los Angeles, CAのホームシアター・オートメーションの専門家 292件
“Fantastic company. They are very professional, very smart and work very hard to give customers the utmost quality and satisfaction. I've had experience working together as a professional and have found them to be very thorough. I would recommend them to anyone.”
Paradise Theater
East Los Angeles, CAのホームシアター・オートメーションの専門家 292件
“The Paradise guys, Sam, Ryan, and Kyle are the best!! When designing a high-performance home theater or screening room, you will not find a better partner to make the room sound as great as it can be. I most appreciate the creative solutions the Paradise team always seems to come up with. I have completed a dozen theaters or more with the Paradise team and every project has exceeded my expectations.”
ZHiFi Automation
East Los Angeles, CAのホームシアター・オートメーションの専門家 292件
“I would highly recommend this company & have enjoyed working with them. Everyone was professional and courteous. The owner was willing to create a plan that worked within my budget yet still used top notch equipment.”
Technospeak Corporation
East Los Angeles, CAのホームシアター・オートメーションの専門家 292件
“As an interior designer I rely heavily on a strong technical team. Technospeak makes me and my clients look good every single time! Their level of customer service is far beyond my expectations. I recommend them with the highest level of confidence! All the best, Nancy Swanton The Design Doctor 310 890-5740”
Johnson Audio Video Inc
East Los Angeles, CAのホームシアター・オートメーションの専門家 292件
“When it comes to promptness and efficiencies there is no other company I would recommend, they hide all the wires and mounted the tv, and the speakers and the AV equipment as a pro would. Don't even think about hiring another company.”
Ardent Integrated Systems, Inc.
East Los Angeles, CAのホームシアター・オートメーションの専門家 292件
“Ardent Integrated provided an accurate and realistic budget with several options. They installed a new big screen projector, simplified the media room system and eliminated outdated/obsolete equipment, rewired the audio system throughout the house, and set-up and easy to use program. I would definitely use this Ardent Integrated again.”
MONACO® Audio Video & Automation
East Los Angeles, CAのホームシアター・オートメーションの専門家 292件
“I have worked with Monaco Audio/Video both in my home and in my business. In both instances Monaco provided exceptional service, professional advice and excellent results. My eyes (and ears) were opened to a completely new realm in audio and video enjoyment and function. I run my own business and expect the same treatment that I offer to my clients. In addition I am a self-confessed perfectionist. So I set my bar very high - Monaco delivered! I recommend Monaco with absolute confidence.”