Shelter Island Heights, NYの家具屋・インテリアショップ 40件

Shelter Island Heights, NYの家具屋・インテリアショップをお探しですか? 家具屋さんやインテリア雑貨のお店は国内だけでもたくさんあります。その中で、自分の好きなテイストの家具やインテリア雑貨を探すのは難しい! と思っていませんか? Houzzには家づくりの専門家が集結。豊富なセレクションからあなたのお気に入りのアイテムを扱う家具屋やインテリア雑貨店を見つけてください。 もっと見る

Shelter Island Heights, NYの家具屋・インテリアショップ 40件の注目レビュー

Couture Outdoor
Shelter Island Heights, NYの家具屋・インテリアショップ 40件
“Christine sources the most incredible pieces and has an enthusiasm that is just infectious. She and her husband will move mountains to find just the right piece and will personally install to the most discerning standards. For our project, it included a very high end dual canopy umbrella which was calibrated to withstand the flow of wind through the client's garden grove. Highly recommended.”
Nico Yektai Furniture Design
Shelter Island Heights, NYの家具屋・インテリアショップ 40件
“My wife and I asked Nico to design an entry table and coat rack for our house in San Francisco. We gave him some rough ideas of what we wanted and then he came back with a draft. A couple of revisions later, he produced a great model to let us really see what it would look like. He then began construction and we got a beautiful table an coat rack. Stunning really. We have since moved and the table is still the first thing you see when you walk in out front door which is what we want. We get lots of compliments on it. i look forward to having more Nico pieces in the future.”
Salty Home
Shelter Island Heights, NYの家具屋・インテリアショップ 40件
“Jessica has a flair for merchandising. She has a wonderful spatial sense and is able to make wonderful arrangements that are visually pleasing. She often uses items in unique ways that are very interesting and functional. On top of that, Jessica goes beyond the required and expected. She puts customers first, sacrificing her personal time to make home deliveries and offer decorating advice. She truly enjoys her relationship with her customers which is evident in her bright smile and warm greetings.”
Textile Arts
Shelter Island Heights, NYの家具屋・インテリアショップ 40件
“I just discovered this company by purchasing designs. I am interested in following them and learning from their use of materials and taste.”