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Biltmore Forest, NCの家具屋・インテリアショップをお探しですか? 家具屋さんやインテリア雑貨のお店は国内だけでもたくさんあります。その中で、自分の好きなテイストの家具やインテリア雑貨を探すのは難しい! と思っていませんか? Houzzには家づくりの専門家が集結。豊富なセレクションからあなたのお気に入りのアイテムを扱う家具屋やインテリア雑貨店を見つけてください。 もっと見る
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Goldsplinter Woodworking Studio
Biltmore Forest, NCの家具屋・インテリアショップ 89件
Chris Perryman has built several pieces of custom furniture for our family. The craftsmanship and artistic interpretation were both first rate. I can absolutely recommend his services without reservation.
Iron Maiden Studios
Biltmore Forest, NCの家具屋・インテリアショップ 89件
My company has used Iron Maiden Studios on many projects over the years. Tina's work is both artist and well fabricated. I would recommend to anyone looking for a creative welder.
MIX Vintage
Biltmore Forest, NCの家具屋・インテリアショップ 89件
If you are looking for something special to infuse your home with character and style, look no further than MIX Vintage. Michele is incredibly knowledgeable about vintage and antique furniture, and has an unerring eye for quality pieces with clean lines and classic beauty that stand the test of time. As an interior designer myself, Michele is my go-to source whenever I need something extra special for a project!
Biltmore Forest, NCの家具屋・インテリアショップ 89件
Barbara took a specific idea I had and created a beautiful pair of pillow shams that are artistc, colorful and geometric -- just what I envisioned!
Brian Boggs Chairmakers
Biltmore Forest, NCの家具屋・インテリアショップ 89件
MASTER chairmaker is no overstatement. Brian Boggs and company provide more than just fine craftsmanship. Furnitue that reflects classic lines, practical ergonomics and hardy design is their trademark. The chairs I purchased from Brian nearly 30 years ago are just as solid...and the day they arrived. One of the wiser investment I have ever made! BLS
Asheville Fine Furnishings
Biltmore Forest, NCの家具屋・インテリアショップ 89件
Awesome company with amazing people, our project went smooth and the final design and product is a real show piece, anyone who see our dining room is amazed! Highly recommended.
Yesterday's Tree, Inc.
Biltmore Forest, NCの家具屋・インテリアショップ 89件
I have had a relationship with Yesterday's Tree for about three years now. I trust their professional opinions and consider them friends. When my husband and I started building our retirement house in Asheville, NC, the architect suggested I work with YT. I resisted because I wanted input, but I agreed to "interview" a couple of "girls" from YT. I was impressed! My husband and I both have grown to trust their professional opinions and truly appreciate knowing that they are not "ripping us off" in prices. YT helped us with everything . . . wall paint colors, wallpaper for the bathrooms, cabinet finishes, wood flooring finishes, tile choices and designs, all door and cabinet hardware, mirrors, area rugs, lighting, AND furniture! They helped design, locate, and install!!! YT is still my first "go to" place for discussing ideas and taking items out on approval. We have been in the house a year now, and YT is still looking for the perfect mirror for above the dining room sideboard. I know for sure that they will find it!!!!
Biltmore Forest, NCの家具屋・インテリアショップ 89件
There's never been a more fantastic designer! She can build anything from scratch, put fabrics, furniture, and pieces together in ways you couldn't dream of, and have it turn out absolutely amazing. She's dedicated beyond comparison, and because she loves her work, she puts her all into it. You'll get quality better than any manufacturer, and hand-made beats machine-made every day! I would recommend Tina to anyone with a creative new project. She loves taking on original and exciting tasks, and spends more hours than there are in a day working to make/build/create all kinds of innovative and beautiful designs. I've yet to meet someone as talented, and I doubt I ever will!
Biltmore Forest, NCの家具屋・インテリアショップ 89件
I have worked with Mobilia on many occasions. They are very accommodating and professional. Their knowledge and skill makes them so easy to work with. I suggest all of my clients with a modern homes to go to Mobilia for furnishings .
Martin Thaller Designs
Biltmore Forest, NCの家具屋・インテリアショップ 89件
Martin Thaller designed & created the most beautiful Art Deco picture frame. It is very 'Edward Gorey' inspired, and is walnut with purpleheart accents that really look amazing. This is one of my favorite pieces. Very special!