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HomeStory Doors of Sacramento
Rosemont, CAのドア専門店 58件
Wow! I hired homestory to replace about 10 doors in my 1984 track home. What a difference the doors made...but I am jumping ahead. Homestory arrived on time for the initial appointment. I received an estimate for the doors I was to have replaced. I was given the option of re-using my hardward, purchasing my own hardware or purchasing from Homestory. I purchased my doors and hardware from Homestory. I was extrodinarily happy with the result. The doors and hardware are beautiful. The doors arrived in the time frame I was quoted and hung without a problem. I had regular interior doors replaced, double sliding closet doors replaced, a hinged door in the laundry room replaced, a door between the garage and kitchen replaced and a funky door that houses the furnance. All are BEAUTIFUL and were installed with no problems.
True-Wood Window and Door
Rosemont, CAのドア専門店 58件
I hired this company to do a whole house renovation. I got a to the dollar almost estimate. The work was completed in the time frame agreed upon. The materials and workmanship was of the highest quality. I would recommend Steven and company to anyone looking for the highest workmanship and quality service.
American Building Supply
Rosemont, CAのドア専門店 58件
Excellent product!