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Pownal, MEのリノベーション(戸建て・マンション)をお考えですか? リノベーションという言葉は、最近よく使われるようになりました。ここではリフォームとリノベーションの違いや、リノベーションの内容、仕事の流れなどの詳しい解説と、リノベーション会社が手がけた実例集や、リノベーション会社に寄せられたレビューなどをご紹介しています。あなたの暮らしと住まいを変えるリノベーション会社を、ぜひ Houzz で見つけてください。 もっと見る
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O'Brien Wood & Iron LLC
Pownal, MEのリノベーション会社 54件
Highly recommended for historic homes! We used O'Brien Wood & Iron when redoing creaky floors and stairs in a 1700's home in Stroudwater historic district. Mat was punctual, honest, and detail-oriented -- the perfect combination for a contractor. It took me an extra week to pay them because I didn't have checks yet, but they were flexible and understanding. I'd hire them for any project -- big or small.
Pownal, MEのリノベーション会社 54件
MR Brewer provided construction management and carpentry work for the second floor master bedroom. extention included framing, finish work and project management for the removal of stucco siding (and its replacement) to the entire exterior of the house. Contractor was responsive and fair in it's pricing. Quality work through out. This is the third renovation project MR Brewer has done for me.
Peter B. Rice & Co
Pownal, MEのリノベーション会社 54件
Materials and workmanship were excellent. Fit and finish looked great. Peter Rice and crew listened very well and undertook modifications to the plans as we wished or as conditions such as terrain or prevailing winds or sun direction required. After 10 percent of the way through the construction project, I had complete confidence in Peter Rice to the point i didn't need to visit the site too frequently.
Houses & Barns by John Libby
Pownal, MEのリノベーション会社 54件
John and his team are renovating our home in Waldoboro, Maine, and we couldn't be happier with the progress. The team has been wonderful to work with, involving us in every aspect of the job and really listening to our requests and dreams for our home. We are still a few months away from completion but already we know that it will be even more beautiful than we envisioned.
Joe Lucey Carpentry Inc.
Pownal, MEのリノベーション会社 54件
Joe and his company remodeled two bathrooms for me and have done a variety of other repair and remodeling projects around the house. He is courteous, professional, and very conscientious. He managed the projects from start to finish - plumbers, electricians, cabinet work, tiling, enclosures, etc.. I am very satisfied with the quality of work and standard of care and now think of Joe as our go-to-guy for any carpentry and home projects.
Pownal, MEのリノベーション会社 54件
Maguire remodeled our 1900 home in Cape Elizabeth and rebuilt our lakeside cabin in Bridgton. Their teams were professional, the work was impeccable, and everything was completed on time and within the estimated budgets. The detail work they did on some of the railings and trim was ingenious. As icing on the cake, the neighbors had only positive things to say about their interactions with Maguire's team.
Oceanside Builders, LLC.
Pownal, MEのリノベーション会社 54件
Among other projects Eric Smith, owner of Oceanside Builders, has done for us over the past twenty-some years, is a dock built for our house in Maine. The existing dock when we bought the house was worn beyond repair and poorly installed. Eric and his crew built us a sturdy new ramp and float dock, over 100' long, out into the tidal cove in front of our house. The trickiest part was building the stairs down the embankment; the old ones had just been laid down on the clay. The new ones are pinned and tied into the bank and are not going anywhere! The quality of work done by this company is of the highest standard. You will find cheaper companies in the area but I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for. The work they do is done right the first time, the team works well together and with us, They have creative and innovative ideas to make the project better. They rarely get upset by unexpected "challenges" and will work with the client to obtain the desired result. A critical attribute Eric has is knowing the codes of the surrounding towns and the ability to work with the town and government officials in obtaining permits. And if they can't make it as scheduled, they will CALL you to let you know!
Gnome Landscape Design And Masonry
Pownal, MEのリノベーション会社 54件
Exceptionally professional and timely landscaping service. Design assistance is right on the mark understanding what is in my 'mind cloud' and bringing it into reality.
Long Cove Builders
Pownal, MEのリノベーション会社 54件
Long Cove Builders are true craftsmen. They listen so that they can truly understand the homeowner's vision and wishes, and find a way to make them real. Each home and commercial space is built with the highest care and quality. No two spaces are the same.
Evco Construction of Maine
Pownal, MEのリノベーション会社 54件
Someone in Maine bought my Torii Gate Plans and hired Eric to build it and what a great job he did! You can see the build sequence on his Torii page. https://www.houzz.com/projects/2794536/torii My roofed torii design can be tricky to build but what a beautiful result!