Hoopers Creek, NCの建築家 196件

Hoopers Creek, NCの建築家をお探しですか? 注文住宅の新築や、マンションなど集合住宅のリフォームやリノベーションを計画する際の選択肢として、建築家や設計事務所に依頼するという方法があります。家を建てるということは、一生の中でも最も高価で、人生のクオリティを左右する重要な買い物。Houzz (ハウズ) では、あなたの家づくりをサポートしてくれる建築家をご紹介しています。自分の家の建築を依頼する際の注意点や、建築士と建築家の違いなどを確認して、納得のいく家を建てましょう。 もっと見る

Hoopers Creek, NCの建築家 196件の注目レビュー

Custom Plan Services, LLC
Hoopers Creek, NCの建築家 196件
“Custom Plan Services was very creative in taking a standard development house design and working with us to modify that design to create a unique house incorporating the many design changes we desired. He had excellent suggestions and was forthright in telling us which of our ideas would not work well----and suggesting alternatives that did work well. He was helpful in commenting on different building materials that would be best for our application. The "Approximate Project Cost" in this review is the construction cost for this house; the rates from Custom Plan Services for designing the house were very reasonable.”
Hoopers Creek, NCの建築家 196件
“TAB AND ASSOCIATES served as the architect on a large 10,000 SF home I served as General Contractor on. He and his firm were excellent to work with and supplied a superb set of working drawings from which we built the home. He also served as the Owners Rep for the project, and did a splendid job of cooridinating all members of the build team(Engineers, contractors, owner, etc.) to complete a difficult project on time and on budget. We completed the project with very few problems and with a very satisfied owner.”
Grant & Grant Design Group
Hoopers Creek, NCの建築家 196件
“I have built seven houses for various reasons over the years and am happy to report that my experience with Grant and Grant was the most enjoyable I have had. We converted a garage into a guest house and I now spend 99% of my time in the guest house! Those guys are first class in every department. They listen, they communicate, and they meet deadlines. I would use them again in a minute. CF”
Prudhomme Design & Interiors
Hoopers Creek, NCの建築家 196件
“The best part of building a house was working with Tiffany of Prudhomme Design and Interiors. She made the process so enjoyable and her knowledge of space and color is incomparable. The benefit of using Prudhomme Design and Interiors is that not only do you get the best architectural design but I love that Tiffany was also our decorator. Our furnishing are incredible, even after 8 years living in our home. I highly recommend using this company. I couldn't have been happier.”
Legerton Architecture. P.A.
Hoopers Creek, NCの建築家 196件
“We partnered with Legerton architects on a successful project in the Asheville area, there were always readily aviailable for questions and clarifications during the project. The process was team spirited which always makes for a win win situation for the owner! We look forward to partnering with them in the future!”
ACM Design
Hoopers Creek, NCの建築家 196件
“The company I work for recently hired ACM Design to redesign a small office space into a room for client meetings. Our goal was to mimic the atmosphere of a residential space from within the walls of an office building. From the very beginning of the design process, Amy was very responsive and helped greatly in navigating our needs into what was realistic for the space. With less than 200 square feet of space to work with, we had quite the challenge, but ACM Design's creative use of space and furnishings helped our project to become a beautiful setting where clients feel at home, rather than feeling like they are in a bland and sterile office. In the end, our project finished on time and on budget and we owe many thanks to the team at ACM Design for their guidance, support and expertise. We highly recommend Amy and the ACM Design team for any residential or commercial project.”
Carlton Edwards
Hoopers Creek, NCの建築家 196件
“Carlton Architecture has a great team and are a pleasure to work with. They are easy to communicate with and easy to work with. They are knowledgeable about architecture, design and construction whether it's new construction or a remodel.”
Rusafova Markulis Architects
Hoopers Creek, NCの建築家 196件
“Maria Rusafova's skills Include her professionalism, her thoroughness, being on top of the planning and construction process. But what I liked the most about my experience with her is that she gets you and respects your vision of a house of your dreams or whatever project you request from her”
Retro+Fit Design L.L.C.
Hoopers Creek, NCの建築家 196件
“Our company worked with Retro+Fit Design on an Arts & Craft custom home in 2010. It was a great experience working with this company. They design not only a beautiful home, but an incredibly functional one as well. Jason Weil was able to design an almost 4,000 square foot home on a very challenging small lot. I would highly recommend him, and look forward to working with him in the future. Richard King Brookstone Builders Inc.”
cJem Designs, PLLC
Hoopers Creek, NCの建築家 196件
“Jessica Larsen is an amazing design professional. She brought a wealth of knowledge, experience and creativity to our house design. Before we started the project, we gave her a few photos of what we were looking for and she designed a beautiful structure that fits the site perfectly. The home is well situated to take advantage of the views and natural light, while also taking into account window placement for privacy from neighbors. The floor plan is efficient and flows very well, with comfortably sized room and with minimal hallway/wasted space. Throughout the design process, Jessica was very responsive to our questions and needs, and she was prompt with making revisions and changes. She has a cheerful attitude that makes it fun to work with her. I would highly recommend Jessica Larsen to my friends and family.”