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Toldbod 120

Design: Louis Poulsen A/S Concept: The fixture emits glare-free light directed downwards. The reflector provides channelled and efficient light distribution. Finish: Green/bronze, Light grey/coral, White/green. Mat coated. Dark grey/turquoise with textured surface. Mat coated. Black berries (black), cloudy white (white), misty blue (pale blue) or yellow blossom (yellow). Glossy. Grey Thunder (graphite) with textured surface. Mat coated. Material: Shade: Spun aluminium. Reflector: Spun anodised aluminium. Mounting: Suspension type: Cable 2x0,75mm². Canopy: No. Cable length: 2.6m. Ballast: No. Weight: Max. 0.5kg. Class: Ingress protection IP20. Electric shock protection II w/o ground. Info notes: Does not require transformer.


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Diana MallochさんがアイテムをInes 2016- 2017に追加しました 2017年9月25日

really would like this light in my office