interior decorating by Janine Dray

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puddieさんがアイテムをID10W21COLORTHEORYに追加しました 2021年1月13日

COLOR THEORY - TRADIC - Violet, Orange, and Green on the color wheel. triadic color scheme uses every fourth color, leaving three colors between each. These three colors are very balanced.

ID10W21 CASANDRA GARCIAさんがアイテムをID10 Colorに追加しました 2021年1月13日

4.Split Complementary Greenery Room Colors: Green (base color), Purple. and Orange Definition: The Green which is the base color and purple gives this room a very outdoorsy, nature like vibe, the feeling like your in a forest. The purple

ID10F20Alexis CedanoさんがアイテムをColorに追加しました 2020年9月4日

Color Scheme: Triadic -special variant of the split-complementary color scheme, with the equal distance between all colors. Colors Used: Purple, Orange, Green Feelings: This low key use of color helps not only bring calmer feelings but the brightness of the purple bring vibrancy to the space as well as defines the use of seating.

ID10S Victoria Mejiaさんがアイテムをcolorに追加しました 2020年9月4日

Complementary- with the three color scheme being opposite from the color wheel. the green is more dominate shade and the orange and purple are the accent colors. but it still looks balanced and very nice.

ID10F20KellyBishopさんがアイテムをColor Conceptに追加しました 2020年9月4日

Split complementary: The colors used in this living room are yellow green, violet and red. Split complementary schemes use 1 base color and 2 secondary colors. This gives 1 warm and 2 cool colors or vise versa depending on the base color you choose. 2 colors are place symmetrically around it on the color wheel. This room gives me the feeling of going back in time and has a vintage feel. It makes me feel old.

ID10W21 CRYSTAL VARTANIANさんがアイテムをCOLORSに追加しました 2020年7月4日

4. Split Complimentary Green, Violet Shades, Orange Hues I must say that I do not like the vibe that this room gives off, kind of depressing with such harsh colors. Feels more psychadelic or old school.

ID10S20 Darcy CalderonさんがアイテムをID10S20 DARCY CALDERON COLORに追加しました 2020年7月1日

4. SPLIT- COMPLEMENTARY COLOR SCHEME- Split-complementary is a color scheme using one base color and two secondary colors. Instead of using a complementary color, two colors placed symmetrically around it on the color wheel are used. ... We get a combination of one warm and two cold colors (or vice versa). the colors used in the room are greens, and deep reds possibly even violets. this makes the room feel cool and comforting less vibrant more homely.

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