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ダラスにある中くらいなトランジショナルスタイルのおしゃれなダイニングキッチン (白い壁、無垢フローリング、暖炉なし、茶色い床、パネル壁) の写真
Nicole Arnold Interiors
Nicole Arnold Interiors
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Good Bones, New Vibe, Plano

Room by room, we’re taking on this 1970’s home and bringing it into 2021’s aesthetic and functional desires. The homeowner’s started with the bar, lounge area, and dining room. Bright white paint sets the backdrop for these spaces and really brightens up what used to be light gold walls. We leveraged their beautiful backyard landscape by incorporating organic patterns and earthy botanical colors to play off the nature just beyond the huge sliding doors. Since the rooms are in one long galley orientation, the design flow was extremely important. Colors pop in the dining room chandelier (the showstopper that just makes this room “wow”) as well as in the artwork and pillows. The dining table, woven wood shades, and grasscloth offer multiple textures throughout the zones by adding depth, while the marble tops’ and tiles’ linear and geometric patterns give a balanced contrast to the other solids in the areas. The result? A beautiful and comfortable entertaining space!


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