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ポートランドにあるラグジュアリーな広いカントリー風のおしゃれな室内コート (ベージュの壁、淡色無垢フローリング、マルチカラーの床) の写真
Cascade West Development
Cascade West Development
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The Aurora : 2019 Clark County Parade of Homes : Garage Gym

Inspired by the majesty of the Northern Lights and this family's everlasting love for Disney, this home plays host to enlighteningly open vistas and playful activity. Like its namesake, the beloved Sleeping Beauty, this home embodies family, fantasy and adventure in their truest form. Visions are seldom what they seem, but this home did begin 'Once Upon a Dream'. Welcome, to The Aurora.


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Batting cages would be fun