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アトランタにある高級な中くらいなカントリー風のおしゃれな洗濯室 (ll型、スロップシンク、レイズドパネル扉のキャビネット、御影石カウンター、白い壁、左右配置の洗濯機・乾燥機、ベージュのキッチンカウンター、濃色木目調キャビネット) の写真
Suzanne MacCrone Rogers
Suzanne MacCrone Rogers
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Rabbit Ridge Farm - Log Cabin Master Bath, Dressing Room & Laundry Room

Renovation of a master bath suite, dressing room and laundry room in a log cabin farm house. The laundry room has a fabulous white enamel and iron trough sink with double goose neck faucets - ideal for scrubbing dirty farmer's clothing. The cabinet and shelving were custom made using the reclaimed wood from the farm. A quartz counter for folding laundry is set above the washer and dryer. A ribbed glass panel was installed in the door to the laundry room, which was retrieved from a wood pile, so that the light from the room's window would flow through to the dressing room and vestibule, while still providing privacy between the spaces. Interior Design & Photo ©Suzanne MacCrone Rogers Architectural Design - Robert C. Beeland, AIA, NCARB


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