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ロンドンにある高級な中くらいなトランジショナルスタイルのおしゃれなリビング (ベージュの壁、無垢フローリング、暖炉なし、内蔵型テレビ、茶色い床) の写真
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Leinster Square Apartment - British Colonial

When the green velvet fabric came across Studio L's desk they knew it had to be used. Ben Whistler made the elegant bespoke sofa which is a fan favourite! The walls are covered with a glazed abaca textured wallpaper. And to help disguise the bulkhead and tame the vaulted butterfly ceiling, Studio L also covered it in a silk wallcovering all by Phillip Jefferies. The ceiling has a slightly iridescent sheen that, depending on the light, gently changes colour yet is always flattering. Photography by Nick Rochowski

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