Yellow Cabinet Design Studio
Yellow Cabinet Interior Design Studio strives to create positive and cheerful residential and commercial spaces with a keen eye on quality craftsmanship and functionality in design. Having germinated and blossomed in Singapore, our design philosophy is about amalgamation of east & west. Western modernism with eastern elements give harmonious subtlety to spaces and this is what we endeavor to bring about in our projects. Our mission is to enhance the lives of our clients, tuning into their sensitivities and sensibilities. Their dreams and desires inspire us to design unique and tasteful interiors where each individual flourishes thus enhancing quality of life. We respect the unique spirit and character of our clients, their existing spaces and incorporate these in our new design to come up with aesthetically appealing environment.

Design Consultancy Design Concept Space analysis & planning Furniture layout Look and feel/ambience Design Development Ceiling and Lighting plan Kitchen and Bath design Carpentry of wardrobes Furniture Fixture and Equipment Finishes, ironwork and hardware Sourcing and customizing Furniture Furnishings, Art works, accessories Budget Analysis