Wilmer Interior
Wilmer interior is an interior photography company based in Copenhagen. We offer a professional photography service for high-end Real Estate, magazines and more. We also provide styling consultation and will soon make styling on set and sell second-hand furniture, posters/art and more. Wilmer interior was founded in Juli 2017 when photographer Jonas Svensson and Creator Sofia Persson moved from Stockholm to Copenhagen. Jonas Svensson has been working as a professional photographer in Stockholm several years. He has a genuine interest in photography and creating images. Sofia Persson is a multi talented creator that loves all kind of creative and have a lot of energy and experience from different kinds of work and educations. Wilmer Interior works for brokers, magazines, hotels, restaurants and private individuals who want their home, office or other interior photographed. We work in the center of Copenhagen but can also do work on other location.


Arkitekturfotografering, Ejendomsfotografering, Indretningsfotograf, Portrætfotografering