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Truckee Mountain Rug Company

Truckee Mountain Rug Company
At Truckee Mountain Rug Co. we have been sharing our passion for handmade wool tribal and traditional rugs for over ten years. We opened our first store in Truckee, California. In 2007 we moved to the beautiful and inspirational High Hand Nursery in Loomis, CA, where we can serve a wider range of rug collectors, interior designers and everyone in between. We carry several styles of hand made wool rugs: Chobis from Afghanistan, Traditionals from Persia, Kazaks or Caucasians from the Caucasus Mountain region between Russia and the Middle East; however, we are most noted for our extensive collection of authentic tribal Gabbehs, produced by tribal nomads in the Persian Zagros Mountains.

Truckee Mountain Rug Co. strives to build and maintain solid relationships with our customers by providing excellent quality rugs, rug cleaning and repair.

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