Sonder Creative
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Sonder: The realisation that each random passer-by is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.

Sonder Creative is a photography company specialising in high end interior and architectural photography.

Our expertise ensures excellence every time.

Our nationally recognised skills are honed to create visually engaging photographs for architects, estate agents, lifestyle and leisure companies.

We also create stunning ultra-high definition videos and time-lapses.


Our photographers are equipped with a broad array of high-quality, professional cameras and specialist lenses.

We create images up to and beyond 100 megapixels, serving all your commercial and advertising requirements.

Our equipment also allows us to create ultra-high definition videos and time-lapses up to 8K in resolutions – 16 times greater than full HD.

Specialised interior and architecture photography.

Nationwide and internationally.
所在地: Leeds, West Yorkshire WF17 7RX
コメント: Worktop surface Great image and interior
コメント: Floor to ceiling windows - yay or nay? Gives allot of natural light.