Mr. Roofer Inc.
Mr. Roofer Inc. is everyone favorite and most trusted source for all your roofing needs. We're not your typical roofing service. Mr. Roofer Inc. screens & approves roofing contractors to perform certified installations in your area so you never have to worry about fly-by-night companies or manufacturers with bad reputations, pending lawsuits, or longevity problems. We handle all the work from the initial inquiry and provide our service until the project is completed. We have our own geo estimating (satellite imagery) software to measure your roof and its components which is then put together in a catalog for you. Each product displayed within our catalog is priced to your exact roof specifications and is made easy in a 1 to 5 star format so clients know exactly what they are receiving, how much it will cost, etc. Once a decision is made Mr. Roofer Inc. delivers a contract agreement and we get to work. A local certified crew will complete the project within two weeks in order to fulfill the contact. Payment is collected after completion and we will register a warranty through the manufacturer. Mr. Roofer will also warrant the project for the life of the products installed. If there is a problem with your roof, and you are within your warranty period, we will remedy the issue free of charge and represent you to the manufacturer for replacement or refund compensation.

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