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LET YOUR PLANTS FOLLOW THE SUN. RollingPlanter designs and fabricates durable, handmade, commercial quality, mobile and stationary raised bed planters. RollingPlanter developed planters to allow people to grow healthy produce on any hardscape. The planters also provide a means to reduce one's carbon foot print and grow produce that is fresh, nutritious and safe. Each planter allows plants to follow the sun and allows any flat hardscape to be used for multi-use purposes. Taller planters, up to 42" tall, are designed for those with chronic back problems or are physically challenged. Maximum width is 48" (24" is the maximum average reach a person can perform manual tasks while reaching without climbing into the planter). One has access from all sides. The planters are sturdy and built to last, commercial quality. Each planter is designed to last years. The tri-ply welded liner is guaranteed to last 20 years, below ground even longer . Construction is super sturdy: Made of hand selected Western timber (50% western red cedar / 50% plant oil and mineral cured Douglas Fir. All wood is FSC or SFI certified. Some wood is from recycled sources.). Planters are able to withstand frequent movement while supporting the weight of deep rich loamy soil of your choosing. The planters have an intensional absence of shoddy staples, nails, pegs, rods and other gimmick/shoddy hardware. Most hardware (Bolts for frames and wheel assemblies, screws for holding planks and trim ) is marine quality epoxy / glass coated case harden steel (Last longer- stronger than stainless steel). Lined with welded three-ply non-PVC pond liners. Planter bottoms are plumbed with drains. Drains can be modified to allow water to be diverted or conserved (re-used), and assure clean appearances. Most of the materials used to make the RollingPlanter (more than 90%) are insource from places like: Alabama, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, and South Dakota. Planters are designed, handmade, fully assembled and tested in Ventura, California. Planters can be shipped almost anywhere fully or near fully assembled.


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84824 Cloverdale Road,
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Start at $300.00 - unlimited

Shipping is not included. We normally ship with commercial freight companies such as: UPS Freight, Yellow Freight, Old Dominion, etc. We try to obtain the most economic business to business rates. Residential delivery is higher. Most of our boxes require a $700 minimum order requirement. We have smaller boxes that ship via UPS ground. All pricing is for the trade, large quantity discounts are available after $15,000.


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