Reflections Copenhagen
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Reflections Copenhagen is a collaboration between the Danish designers Julie Hugau and Andrea Larsson.

The idea for Reflections Copenhagen came about in the need for something different, something to counteract the traditional style and a wish for light reflections when decorating.
Reflections Copenhagen is the result of Julie's flair for design and production, Andrea's eye for interior and colors and their shared dream of creating products that unites art and decor. Together they have designed a unique collection of handcrafted mirrors and crystal decor.
In developing the concept Julie and Andrea were inspired by the graphic expression of the Art Deco era, the contrasting 80's and the opportunity to work with delicate and fragile materials to create unique and innovative products.

The Reflection Mirrors is a handcrafted and decorative collection, which incorporates traditional styles and styles, providing a new dimension in strength and form for distinctive mirror décor.

Crystal Version is a collection of handcrafted table decor made from crystal and glass. Designed with the vision to unite delicate materials and classical shapes to form a functional art objects.

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コメント: jeg er vild med tapetet her, nogen der ved hvor det er fra? Hej! Hvis ikke du har fundet noget lign. endnu, så er det noget vi selv har designet. Det kan bestilles ved at skrive til info@reflections-copenhagen. com Det koster 2.000 kr. for 5 m^2. Jeg håber det...
コメント: Hvor kan man købe dette produkt? Hej! Jeg ved ikke om du endnu har fundet svar, men hvis ikke kan du købe den på vores webshop:  Beklager det sene svar. Rigtig go...
コメント: What is the dimension? 50 x 50 cm