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no.555 一級建築士事務所

no.555 一級建築士事務所
Founded in 2005, no.555 ( number fives ) is an architectural design firm based in Yokohama, Japan. We specialize in architecture and interior design for both residential and commercial projects such as private residence, dormitory, cafe, hair salon, office and so on.

建築設計, 住宅の新築, 住宅設計, 増改築, 増築, 注文住宅


横浜市, 神奈川県, 東京都, 長野県, 香川県, 北海道, 茨城県, 新潟県, 千葉県, 福島県, 海外


2016 GOOD DESIGN AWARD winner 【TSC】 2013 House building award Department of Material・Detail winner 【NDA】 2011 month of design in Slovenia 【 EXIbition 】 Invited exhibitors 2011 month of design in Slovenia 【 stage180°】 Invited presenter 2009 GOOD DESIGN AWARD winner 【IDY】