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THERE’S MORE TO LIGHTING THAN DOWNLIGHTS AND OYSTERS MINT is an independent Melbourne-based lighting design consultancy driven by the conviction that well-considered, effective + inspired lighting transforms a house into a beautiful home where the light works for you. We specialise in the lighting design of homes of all sizes and look forward to transforming your home with the right lighting plan. Our lighting consultants guide you through the lighting design process, answering all of your questions about light, providing expert advice for your home. By focusing on what you need to see, and how you want your room to feel, we develop a unique lighting solution for you. AT MINT, WE LIVE FOR LIGHT Our designs take your home from the standard array of downlights everywhere to light that enhances your interior, provides the function you need and highlights the design of your home. As independent lighting consultants, specialising in residential design, we have see hundreds of homes and electrical plans where lighting has been an afterthought. With the flick of a switch, the right lighting will change the mood, aesthetics + function of your home. Our role as designers is to interpret what you want to see in your home as light, and then locate that light to create a beautiful space for you to live in. Every home is different, because every client is different and your light reflects your personality, and architectural style. We navigate the design process through a sequence of steps, each building on the last until we reach a design solution that meets all of your expectations, can be installed successfully in your home and will bring you the joy of light for many years to come. REMOTE CONSULTATIONS ANYWHERE IN AUSTRALIA We're providing virtual consultations to all clients - anywhere in Australia > > > and even if you live the next suburb over in Melbourne….so we can work together without risking anyone’s health. Since 2012, we’ve worked with clients from Perth to Queensland and everywhere in-between. Our remote design consultations result in lighting designs that are beautiful, well considered and unique to you. Our years of experience and connections mean that we can help you from anywhere.


Energy-Efficient Homes, Lighting Design


Moorabbin, Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, Geelong


MIES = Member IESANZ Ltd (Professional Lighting Practitioner) IALD = Professional Member (International Association of Lighting Designers) President IESANZ Ltd (2014 - 2017) Peer elected to lead 85+ year old professional lighting organisation, The Lighting Society IESANZ Ltd


Member, Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia and New Zealand - MIES1884





Mint Lighting Design


+61 3 9555 2275



Moorabbin, Victoria 3189


AUD 500 - AUD 25,000

Cost for service fees only. Lighting supply & installation by others, and cost will vary.


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