Garage Experts
Having a vision that the garage is an area of the home often overlooked but is a valuable space to increase the homes value, provide much needed storage space and a floor that is easy to maintain is my passion. Homeowners often overlook the garage and just toss everything into it and close the door. In most cases the garage is the single largest room in your home; and it often has some of the most valuable things in it such as your family heirlooms and other things you hope to pass down through the family as it grows. I have 11 plus years in the coatings industry so rest assured that your floor and cabinets will be professionally done right. Our Installers are courteous, professionally trained and have the BEST equipment on the market, and products to do the job right. We use HEPA Filtrated Vacuums. Our coatings products are the best and made in California so they meet or exceed the states stringent regulations. Our European Style Storage Cabinets are "Green", made in the USA and attractive. When you choose Garage Experts rest assured your satisfaction is our number one priority. I look forward to serving you and Un-cluttering Your Garage.


Concrete Coatings: Epoxy, MICA's, LAVA Flow, Stains, Polishing, Overlays and more.


Northern California.