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EnviroZone Design inc.

Montréal, Quebec, カナダ
EnviroZone Design inc.
WE REPRODUCE LIFE ! Envirozone has the mission to develop vegetated autonomous structures that contribute to the improvement of daily life, the preservation of the environment, cleaning indoor air as well as helping to develop domestic agriculture. Several years of research and experiments have enabled us to develop a capillary hydroponic system that reproduces the life principles of the rainforest. We select resistant species and plant them in our structures according to their tolerance to moisture, light, and the symbioses that develop between them. That is why our green walls regulate themselves and regenerate naturally. They are not only self sustaining, but easy to maintain. Each installation is custom designed to thrive in your environment while meeting your aesthetic and functional needs. In addition to interior and exterior green walls, we design and install green roofs, green terraces, indoor agriculture, from decorative elements to stabilized plant systems. We also offer consulting in revegetation of the build sites, as well as Industrial design and the custom design of integrated built environment systems.

Envirozone s’est fait une spécialité des systèmes végétalisés hydroponiques sur mesure adaptés aux bâtiments commerciaux, industriels et résidentiels. L’entreprise conçoit et installe les systèmes les mieux adaptés à vos espaces intérieur et extérieur. Elle offre aussi de restaurer ou de remplacer vos ouvrages végétalisés existants.


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