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ヒューストンにある地中海スタイルのおしゃれなシアタールーム (プロジェクタースクリーン) の写真 —  Houzz

Houzz 寄稿者のコメント:

Kiara GutierrezさんがアイテムをDesign Historyに追加しました 2022年9月2日

1. Egyptian - This photo is completely inspired by the Egyptian historical period. There is quite a lot of Egyptian art replicas in this mini theater. The imagines on the walls that tell Egyptian stories, the colors used, and the accessories in this room make it very realistic.

Yin Ellen YuさんがアイテムをHistoryに追加しました 2022年8月30日

Egypt: This is a theatre deisgn inspired by Egypt. They are using papyrus and palm as decorative patterns for the abacus and posts. Hieroglyph is used for the carpet patterns.

Kaleb O'BrienさんがアイテムをDesign Historyに追加しました 2022年3月7日

Egypt: This room was inspired by Egypts style because of the giant scarab, artstyle on the walls depicting egyptians, and the symbols on the carpet like the ankh.

Ankit JoshiさんがアイテムをDesign Historyに追加しました 2022年3月6日

Egypt - Inspired by Egypt, movie theaters interior design have not changed for a long time ago.

Carlota PriceさんがアイテムをDesign Historyに追加しました 2022年3月1日

Contemporary.- Movie theater inspired by Egyptian historical style.- The scarab was a symbol of immortality, resurrection, and protection in the ancient Egypt. the walls are designed with the inspiration of the Egyptian hieroglyphs, the carpet and the walls are inspired by Egyptian motifs such the sphinx, colors and architecture.

Tiana VigilさんがアイテムをDesign Historyに追加しました 2021年6月27日

Egypt: This movie room has an Egyptian design. The scarab beetle on the ceiling. The wall has petroglyph paintings and the wall has the illusion that the there are post and beams carved into it.

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