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"The Agostino" home in Naples, FL

The Beasley & Henley design team created the Agostino’s interiors to features light colors and driftwood tones, anchored with darker ebony hues and deep blues. Soft patterns and textures, such a tone on tone geometric rugs and light toned wood flooring, bring warmth to this comfortable home. Coffered ceilings and molding details in the main living area create a custom feel. Cool beach colors are punctuated with soft aquas, light tans and restful greys. Rustic elements are used throughout the home to showcase the current trend in this style and to showcase the feeling of coastal living in this development so close to the Gulf of Mexico. Beasley selected a textural wood floor in the main areas, with softer carpeting in the bedrooms. The team’s light cabinetry in the gourmet kitchen is grounded with deeper hued furnishings in ebony and dark grey. Decorative lighting throughout the Agostino is simple and attractive, playing off the rustic features in the home.

マイアミにある高級な中くらいなトランジショナルスタイルのおしゃれなホームオフィス・書斎 (白い壁、淡色無垢フローリング、暖炉なし、自立型机、ベージュの床) の写真 —  Houzz
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vaulted wall, horizontal board and batten

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Feature wall and art and shelf unit

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