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DIY Blinds
DIY Blinds
平均評価:5つ星中 星32件のレビュープロフィールを表示


This brand new family home is an instant classic, mixing mid-century geometric shapes with modern tones for a timeless result. Backed by a stellar team of professionals including JBM Builders, designer Melissa Vukadin and interior stylist Kimberley Baker and of course DIY Blinds, the home combines textures with a soft yet minimal palette for a tranquil sanctuary. The key to the success of this home was Melissa’s ability to combine different textures with a minimal colour palette. This allows the geometric features of the home, like these floor-to-ceiling tiles to stand out, while our S Fold sheer curtains offer a diffused light that pairs with a muted palette to soften the overall feel of the room.