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Kristi Schneider has been a Atlanta professional organizer in the Metro Atlanta area for 10 years. While training to become a Montessori teacher I learned the importance of order while teaching children using the Montessori method. I quickly learned that everyone needs order in his or her lives to feel calm and secure. I quickly visualize creative solutions for disorganized spaces and make a plan with the client’s design style in mind. Truorder also works along side great custom closet companies to make your home an organized haven. Call Kristi Schneider of Truorder today to get organized.

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Akiko Kuriharaさんがアイテムを捨てる・売る予定の不用品。手放す日まで、どうやって保管すればいい?に追加しました 2022年7月25日


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simply options w/ containers...too much plastic?

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