Queen's Lane Wine Silo

The wine silo comprises the final addition to the compound and it stands adjacent to the shop. Because the compound lies in the Snake River flood plain, a standard wine cellar was incompatible with the building site. Borrowing from agrarian structures, the design team arrived at the silo form as an alternative, elevated storage system. In order to gracefully weather and blend in with the existing buildings and landscape the structure is clad in oxidized steel plates. The interior, inspired by a wine cask, is characterized by reclaimed fir woodwork and a spiral staircase that accesses carefully displayed wine bottles organized around the silo’s perimeter. The stair ascends to the roof where both the wine collection and views of the natural surroundings can be admired.

他の地域のエクレクティックスタイルのおしゃれなワインセラー (無垢フローリング、ワインラック) の写真 —  Houzz

Houzz 寄稿者のコメント:

gemillsapsさんがアイテムをgemillsaps's Ideasに追加しました 2019年7月19日

Can't afford anything like this but do really want an area to store wine.

carterbendoregonさんがアイテムをBrett's Placeに追加しました 2019年2月18日

Now we're talking! This is too cool.

Tania GrippiさんがアイテムをTania Grippi's Ideasに追加しました 2019年2月5日

I like the idea of our staircase room being a cellar

PDL by Schneider ElectricさんがアイテムをStaircasesに追加しました 2019年1月21日

We love the combined use of the staircase as a wine cellar!

Alex DiBartolaさんがアイテムをWish Listに追加しました 2019年1月4日

maybe have wine on stairwell down?

ehoverstadさんがアイテムをWine Cellarに追加しました 2018年12月9日

I like this wire racking more than all wood

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