Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba 'Pendula'
Photo by Ivo M. Vermeulen

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Ri-Andy prioritize essentials and discard lessさんがアイテムをFlowers.に追加しました 2021年2月23日

Ginkgo biloba-----------in cal. also called the maidenhair tree How to use it. The ginkgo is a distinguished speciman tree that stands out in a landscape. While it's a magnificent tree to plant singly, it's also lovely in a grove or in a courtyard, and because of its tolerances, it makes a great urban street tree.

Kerry O'Connellさんがアイテムをplantsに追加しました 2020年11月24日

love a showy tree. ginko biloba?

theocarleneさんがアイテムをback gardenに追加しました 2020年5月10日

Maximise an urban plot: Ginkgo biloba The Ginkgo biloba is the national tree of China, and is also known as the living fossil tree. It’s a large species that usually has a narrow habit and can grow up to 30m. It’s resistant to pests and diseases and copes well with pollution, which makes it well-suited to urban planting. The distinctive bright-green, fan-shaped leaves, similar to those on a maidenhair fern, turn a luminous saffron yellow in the autumn, falling quickly over a two-week period.

AndrewさんがアイテムをYard Ideasに追加しました 2019年10月14日

Gotta find room for at least one gingko tree :-) Family tradition

dyhaiglerさんがアイテムをLandscapingに追加しました 2019年8月25日

Ginkgo. Most people these days know the supplement, but the maidenhair tree (Ginkgo biloba) is a longtime landscape favorite. It's versatile: tall enough, at up to 50 feet in height, to serve as a street tree but equally good as a patio tree. Even better, it's very long lived and relatively drought tolerant, has almost no pests or problems, and can handle pollution and other environmental issues. Most of all, it's a beautiful tree with lovely fan-shaped leaves that turn bright yellow-gold in fall. Ginkgo grows well in zones 3 through 8 in both full sun and partial shade. It needs well-drained soil and regular water until it's established.