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ボストンにある高級な広いトラディショナルスタイルのおしゃれな裏庭 (屋外コート、半日向) の写真
Pro Dunk Hoops
Pro Dunk Hoops
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Daniel R's Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System on a 50x45 in Bedford, NH

Daniel purchased his Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System and installed the system and his half court in his backyard. The dimensions of the playing area are 50' x 45'. It has all lines which are regulation. It is located in Bedford, New Hampshire. This is a Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System that was purchased in April of 2013. It was installed on a 50 ft wide by a 45 ft deep playing area in Bedford, NH. Browse all of Daniel R's photos navigate to: http://www.produnkhoops.com/photos/albums/daniel-50x45-pro-dunk-gold-basketball-system-380/