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Looking for interior designer for reform work/リフォームのためインテリアデザイナーを募集

Hi guys,

We rent a flat and need to do some refreshment to change atmosphere, make it minimalism nice design, simple and elegant. We can not paint walls or do drastic changes since it is rented flat, but I would like to create do some reform

1. in bathroom so it looks like spa room

2. do smth with kitchen, since there is a couter there

3. make bedroom at least 1 wall different colour

4. make a proper interesting lightening in the apartment.

Project start: after we agree on terms

Renovation works: April 10 - April 25

Budget: Depends on scope and proposal.

Please let me know if you are interested in this work - will send you more pictures of the flat and we can meet to discuss details. Thx

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  • PRO
    Office K [オフィスK]


    good evening.

    Since no response so far, I would like to make a comment a bit.

    You wrote that the flat is rental and cannot have drastic change. So, I wonder if there is any possibility of change for the bathroom (Waterproof stickers are too sticky and is difficult to remove when you move out...)

    Only possible idea I think of for now is changing a head of shower or so.

    Or, changing a lighting would be a bit idea, but there is no so charming one, since it should be waterproof. (The choice is so limited due to such requirements.)

    Some waterproof speakers might be able to help to create an atmosphere of spa anyhow.

    As for the wall decoration, there are some wallpapers/stickers that can remove easily.

    If such kind of ideas are OK, then I can support you via mails or messaging tool such as Skype. Of course, Houzz is the option for exchanging/discussing the ideas.

    Even if I cannot help you, hope you can enjoy your new apartment with nice interior ideas.

  • Anna Skrypka

    Office K [オフィスK] thanks a lot for feedback.

    I am first time on House and did not know how to post the project to get folks who are interested in collaboration involved.

    Well, as for remodeling work, I finished interior design courses myself/plus do flower arrangement, have already some ideas on colours, furniture.

    Was looking for help from a pro on what else could be done apart from stickers on walls, floor which I can do myself. Thought I can hire designer/project manager/coordinator who will manage the project from 0 to finish and bring carpenters and other needed people into the house to do work which I cant do - fixing lighting, doing smth with windows, etc...


  • PRO
    Office K [オフィスK]

    Hi Anna Skrypka,

    vice versa, thank you for your reply.

    It's nice to know that you have skills for the interior design.:)

    If the person knows about it, the communication will be very smooth.

    Regarding remodeling or renovation of rental room, it would be kind of difficult except the landlord accepts it. Usually, there are some rooms to do, if the tenant removes all changes when he/she moves out.

    If you do not mind to shoulder every cost, there will be a way to do so.

    For such remodeling, on-site research will be required.

    There are some designers or architects who are able to communicate in English in Houzz Japan other than me.

    I recommend you to contact them on Houzz near your apartment.

    You can search from the following page by narrowing the area down to your apartment.


    If you need any further information, feel free to ask me again.

  • PRO

    Hi @Anna Skrypka Thank you so much for your comment. You can also get help through our concierge service which you can access on the directory page that @Office K [オフィスK] has listed, which I've copied below:


    There is a chat window that will pop up at the lower right hand corner of the page if you are on the page for more than ten seconds, and our Concierge rep should be able to help you.

    Thanks again and hope you find what you're looking for!

  • Anna Skrypka

    Thank u so much guys!