light treatment


Hi,, hw do we gv this light treatment for the passage,, kindly let me know in detail...

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    Cornerstone Design Studio India


    These are ceiling/wall/floor strip lights mounted on Recessed/Flush Aluminium tracks and layed in a particular fashion. In easy language, there are grooves made on the surface, the channels are fixed, lights installed and covered with Acrylic / PVC cover for diffusion.

    Although these are easy to achieve one might need professional help for accuracy in planning and execution.

    Cornerstone Designs, Bangalore.

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    Ocean Arc

    Tracker light... before tile work put tracker

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    Shades Studio by Shweta


    These are profile strip light.... ull need moisture resistant ones.. to achieve correct balance of luminescence one can consult professional help.

  • Pari

    Thank you Nitin,, for being so specific about it,, I was actually thinking of the same plan but wanted to consult someone who has already worked on it... since we go with almost the similar concept, for the ceiling cove lighting... Thanks a bunch for precisions...